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The mystery of the missing Russian Weather

A little while ago, Russia stopped sending out METAR and TAF weather updates on the international wires for a whole bunch of airports.

This made life difficult for international operators, especially airlines and business jet operators that use Siberian alternates. If you don’t have the weather reports, you can’t use it.

In OpsGroup, one of our members reported that they now had issues getting weather for places like

Then, another member pointed us at this official site – But to register, you need to send an email, and nobody got replies.

So, the mystery remains unsolved. What do you know? Comment below, or email us at





  1. Skyplan Services Ltd.

    18 August, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    We are currently getting weather for all of the stations listed above from our weather feeds.

    Manager, International Trip Planning

  2. Boris the bullet dodger

    18 August, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    Funding issue. More on this (use google translate):

  3. Well, we’re still not seeing Metar and TAF like we used to for a few Russian airports. Not sure that it is resolved yet?

  4. This issue became effective on July 04th. It was fully resolved on August 08th. No more missing TAF since then.

  5. There has been a funding issue with Russian airports. They get paid by surface movements so overflights are not producing revenue for them, hence they stopped supplying weather. ICAO and IATA along with my airline and others are putting pressure on to change this. In an emergency diversion, our dispatchers can call the airport directly and get weather.

    Hope this helps.

    B-787 Check Airman

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