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New, single CPDLC logon for US airspace

In case you missed the several hundred Notams this week, KUSA is the new identifier for all datalink logons in the US, including CPDLC-DCL, and enroute, which came into use on October 22nd. Now, the only logon you need is KUSA.

For all you could possibly want to know about Datalink operations in the US, take a peek at the new AC90-117, ” an overview of data link communication operations for U.S. domestic
operations and in oceanic and remote continental airspace”, which we’ve uploaded here.

More readable is the FAA’s CPDLC-DCL guide, uploaded here.

There are some comments that it doesn’t work properly if you don’t have an active FPL in the box, let us know your experiences on that in the comment section below.


Enhanced Security – new rules for US Inbounds

KZZZ/USA The US has opted for ‘Enhanced Security’ instead of a wider laptop ban. In fact, the existing ban is likely to end once airports can comply with the new rules. The information in the official DHS release is somewhere between vague and zero, which kind of makes sense.

So, the story is pretty simple – there is no wider laptop ban, but no specifics have yet been released publicly as to what exactly ‘Enhanced Security’ means for Aircraft Operators. The DHS will work directly with larger AO’s directly affected.

Immediate US Visa ban on 7 countries – Aircrew also

KZZZ/USA Now in force, is an immediate ban on US visas (and therefore US travel) for citizens from 7 countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya. This is distinct from the Visa Waiver Program ban in effect since January 2016. The ban is posted for 90 days, but may last longer.

Admission will be refused to visitors with a passport issued by the following 7 countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, and holding a valid immigrant or non-immigrant visa for the US.

This travel ban does not apply to:
– Lawful Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) of the USA who also hold a passport issued by one of the aforementioned countries
– Dual Nationals, holding and traveling with a valid passport issued by USA as well as a passport issued by one of the aforementioned countries
– Dual Nationals holding and traveling with a valid passport issued by a third country as well as a passport issued by one of the aforementioned countries
– Passengers with diplomatic visas, North Atlantic Treaty Organization visas, C-2 visas for travel to the United Nations and G-1 ,G-2 ,G-3 ,and G-4 visas

This affects aircrew as well, whether travelling on a C1/D visa, or whether on duty or off duty.

That’s the situation as we understand it, we’ll keep this page updated.


Germany issue new warnings, Manila may not ban GA after all

Germany issues new warnings 25JAN Germany has issued fresh warnings on the airspace of EgyptSouth Sudan, and North Korea, in three separate Notams issued in the last week. We have updated the country information pages with the specifics. Read the article


Manila may not ban GA after all 25JAN RPLL/Manila is not moving as quickly towards a complete ban of non-scheduled and General Aviation traffic as feared. This is good news for International Operators. Read the article.



HEZZ/Egypt, HSZZ/South Sudan, ZKZZ/North Korea Germany has issued fresh warnings on the airspace of EgyptSouth Sudan, and North Korea, in three separate Notams issued in the last week. We have updated the country information pages with the specifics.

RPLL/Manila is not moving as quickly towards a complete ban of non-scheduled and General Aviation traffic as feared. This is good news for International Operators. Read the article.

NTAA/Tahiti The airport is open again as of Monday morning local time, after closing due to flooding after torrential rains, but many taxiways remain flooded. Expect delays in handling and tech stops.

KZZZ/USA Announced yesterday and expected to come into force this week, is an immediate ban on US visas (and therefore US travel) for citizens from 7 countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya. This is distinct from the Visa Waiver Program ban in effect since January 2016.

GBZZ/Gambia FSB Risk Level changed from Level Three to “No Warnings” on Jan 24. New president has taken power. Parliament revoked State of Emergency. Situation calm.

SBZZ/Brazil In the last bulletin we had a headline about a Boeing 767 shot on approach in Brazil. A bullet was found lodged in the wing. Some updates to that story are here, and’s Brazilpage is updated.

VZZZ/Southeast Asia Don’t forget it’s New Year in Asia this weekend. Travel-related delays and government office and business interruptions will peak 27 Jan to 01 Feb, and could last longer in Taiwan, Vietnam and China, where the holiday will be celebrated through 02 Feb.

EDDB/Berlin Brandenburg will now not open until 2018, as they found more problems with the fire system this week. This is a recurring story, which dates back to 2012. So, for the foreseeable, you’re stuck with Tegel and Schoenefeld.

LTFJ/Sabiha Gökçen (Istanbul) Due to insufficient capacity at LTFJ, applications for individual non-scheduled flights will be refused, and private/charter flights can only be operated at “non-busy hours”.

KBPI/Palm Beach is going to see some new TFR restrictions due to the proximity of Donald Trumps Mar-a-Lago estate. If operating when he’s down here, you’ll have to depart from a gateway airport to PBI – those are TEB, HPN, IAD, MCO and FLL. NBAA has the details.

LSGG/Geneva EBACE is on from Monday, 22 May through Wednesday, 24 May 2017. Now would be a good time to get those slots booked if you’re planning to head over.

LFMN/Nice has a new procedure where ATC will alert crews to windshear.

MSLP/San Salvador‘s only runway 07/25 will be closed from 1600-1700 each day until Feb 3rd.

VGHS/Dhaka The UK Department for Transport (DfT) announced today that it recently carried out assessments of security at Dhaka International Airport. Following this, the DfT has assessed that security at Dhaka airport does not meet some international security requirements (they haven’t said which).

OMAD/Abu Dhabi (Al Bateen) is hosting the International Defence Exhibition in February, so will not be available to IFR traffic daily between 0600-0800Z until Feb 23rd. There are also restrictions on using it as an alternate.

DNAA/Abuja The latest on the Abuja closure is that it will be completely closed to all traffic from March 8th – April 19th.

SKCG/Cartagena‘s only runway 01/19 is closed daily 0530-1100Z until Feb 6th.

NVZZ/Vanuatu Health authorities have declared a dengue outbreak following a large increase in suspected cases in December 2016 and January 2017. Protect yourself against mosquito bites

WSZZ/Singapore is implementing the new ICAO SID/STAR phraseologies from March 2nd. Read AIP SUP 29/17.

LIRF/Rome Fiumicino is working on 16R until March, so 25 will be used for deps and 16L for arrivals. This means delays, especially if you want 16L/34R for departure – they say up to a 60 minute taxi time.

UKZZ/Ukraine amended the military boundaries of its airspace on Monday Jan 23rd, identifying the Donbas conflict zone region as a separate area. More details here.


View the full International bulletin 25JAN2017

Midweek Briefing: Taiwan ADS-B requirement, Costa Rica volcano

Taiwan ADS-B requirement 21SEP Yesterday, Taiwan pushed the requirement for ADS-B above FL290 for all aircraft, back to 2020 – as a fast approaching deadline of December this year was looming. Read the article.

Costa Rica volcano 21SEP MROC/San Jose, Costa Rica has reopened after the eruption of the Turrialba volcano on Monday. A risk of further closures continues. Read the article.

OPZZ/Pakistan Some airspace in the north of the country (Kashmir region) has been closed by the Pakistan CAA. Details are unclear but reports indicate Gilgit, Skardu and Chitral Airports are affected by the closure.

BIKF/Keflavik Departing KEF eastbound? Icelandic ATC would love you to file the following as a standard route: PIXUM PETUX ORTAV ODPEX, or 63N022W CELLO if you’re planning to cross 10W at GOMUP or south of.

EDDL/Dusseldorf has closed 05L/23R for a couple of days to remove a WW2 bomb. Some delays at peak times may result.

HLGT/Ghat, Libya Three foreign nationals were kidnapped along the road that leads to Ghat Airport on 19SEP, located in the Fezzan province along the southwest border with Algeria. The foreigners were construction workers employed by the Italian-owned Conicos company to service Ghat Airport. There are numerous armed militia and terrorist groups active in the area and the foreigners were said to be operating under discretion due to the security risk.

EDHL/Lubeck will closed on Oct 4th for repairs – all day.

ENGM/Oslo will introduce new RNP AR approaches in November, available to all runways. Auth from Norwegian CAA is required to use them.

FKKD/Douala now requires PPR 72 hours prior arrival, for non-scheduled flights, due to upcoming space restrictions as a result of WIP. You can make requests directly to Airport admin at

GBZZ/Gambia In a change to procedure, Overflight Permits, and Landing Permits for traffic operating to GBYD/Banjul, are now issued by the Department of Flight Safety Standards at the GCAA.


FAZZ/South Africa The CAA has updated its warnings for operators, with new guidance for two airspace blocks: that affected by the Syrian conflict – namely Baghdad, Damascus, and Tehran FIRs; and that affected by recent concerns over the Northern Sinai – their advice is to overfly at FL260 or higher.

LMML/Malta airshow coming up on 24-25 Sept, multiple restrictions, check before operating or filing as alternate.

FZZZ/DRC Congo Since September 19 large-scale demonstrations have been resulting in violent clashes between demonstrators and security forces in Kinshasa and elsewhere in the country. The situation is particularly tense in Kinshasa where violence has caused casualties. These demonstrations could continue over the next few days and the situation could further degenerate. The sole road to the Kinshasa airport could be blocked and some flights have been cancelled.

OJZZ/Jordan It’s White Stork migration season, and Jordan has issued warnings for all of its airports, for crews to be mindful of the high chance of presence of large flocks of them on arrival and departure.

SKED/Bogota has some comms issues on north/south bound routes to Peru (Lima FIR); 10 minute separation is applied betwen aircraft on these routes until at least Sept 26th.

KZZZ/USA For some good reading, the FAA (thanks Andy for passing this on), have updated their Aviation Weather guidance doc. This is the first revision to the document since 1975.

Input: ATC, Pilots, Dispatchers: Any topical items that you think should be going out to the community? Let us know, and we’ll get your message out there.

View full International Bulletin 21SEP2016

USA – the Lowdown on Flight Ops

We just published our latest Lowdown – this one is for the USA. Heaps of good information on eAPIS, new TSA Waiver rules, Border Overflight Exemption, Customs Notifications, Importation, Special Route Clearances, ESTA, Visas, and Special Flight Authorizations.

You can get these Lowdowns by joining OPSGROUP – you can get a single or team membership. If you’d like the US Lowdown, we’ll gladly send a copy your way, just email us.


Midweek Briefing 01JUN: EASA Updates ‘Suspect Aircraft’ Guidelines, 8th French ATC Strike

EASA Updates ‘Suspect Aircraft’ Guidelines 01JUN EASA has published new guidelines for inspectors to assess which aircraft should be prioritised for SAFA ramp checks in Europe and SAFA compliant states. Read the article.

8th French ATC strike this weekend 01JUN Notification has been given by French ATC Unions of a Three Day Strike this coming weekend from Friday-Monday, starting at 0400Z Friday 03JUN. Read the article.

ZZZZ/China The new 144 hour visa-free rule is extended to Nanjing Lukou Airport of Jiangsu, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport of Zhejiang, and all air, sea and railway ports of Shanghai, including Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, Wusong Passenger Transport Center and all railway stations in Shanghai.

CYMM/Fort McMurray is scheduled to reopen 10JUN to regular commercial operations. The airport has been closed to normal traffic due to a significant forest fire.

MMAA/Acapulco after an outage lasting several years the ILS for RWY 10/28 is operational again.

KSEA/Seattle has runway 16C/34C closed until 27JUN for repairs. ATC initiatives possible through the construction.

EINN/Shannon and EICK/Cork will be testing a new “Remote Tower” system from 06JUN until September, where at quieter times the controller in Dublin will provide the ATC service to flights at Shannon and Cork. The IAA says airspace users will not notice the change. We think you might.

LFLL/Lyon will be re-numbering their runway to 17/35 from 18/36 in September.

VOTP/Tirupati will begin International operations beginning the end of June with flights to the U.S. The airport had recently upgraded their customs systems and other procedures.

LZZZ/Mediterranean Despite some reports, NATO operations in Libya appear unlikely. There are several new airspace NOTAMs, but is anyone still flying to Libya?

LFZZ/France due to ongoing protests at french oil refineries and fuel shortages the French CAA has advised to tanker in as much fuel as possible to help mitigate any issues. Please check with local handlers for any specific fuel constraints.

SPZZ/Ecuador Volcano Sangay is producing ash that extends up to 20,000 feet. Movement is towards the west at 10 knots. Please check with the Washington VAAC for the latest advisories.

LLBG/Tel Aviv, Israel On 26-27MAY strike action in the form of a work go-slow took place.The slowdown has primarily affected outgoing flights by increasing the time between takeoffs, but it has been reported that if the slowdown continues it will begin to affect incoming flights.

NVZZ/Vanuatu 27MAY a 5.0 magnitude earthquake struck west of Vanuatu. The quake was centered approximately 60 mi/95 km northwest of Port Vila and was measured at a depth of about 6 mi/10 km. No tsunami warning has been issued.

DAZZ/Algeria At 0054 local time (2354 UTC) on 28MAY, a magnitude 5.2 earthquake struck approximately 35 mi/55 km southeast of Algiers, the capital of Algeria. The epicenter of the earthquake registered a depth of approximately 7 mi/ 12 km. Following the quake, there were no reports of injuries or damage.

FNZZ/Angola A yellow fever outbreak has caused 301 deaths so far this year. The number of suspected cases is 2,536. The outbreak began in Luanda and has since spread to areas throughout the country, particularly along the coast and in the central regions, despite a large-scale vaccination program.

VDPP/Cambodia Political tensions are high in Cambodia following contested national elections in 2013. Arrest warrants have been issued for the leaders of the opposition CNRP party and the situation is unpredictable. On 30 May police blocked roads in southern Phnom Penh to prevent opposition CNRP supporters from carrying out a planned protest march. Further disruption is possible if the remaining leader is arrested. The opposition party has announced it will hold mass, non-violent, demonstrations and a number of unions have said they will strike in support.

LFZZ/France Despite recent strikes, the French government has stated it will not back down from labor reforms despite street protests and refinery blockades. The CGT Union has threatened to disrupt the upcoming Euro 2016 soccer tournament if the government does not back down; however, after meeting with representatives of the oil industry, government officials stated that the situation at fuel depots is improving.

Ramadan starts on 06JUN, for one month. If you are operating to any Islamic countries, expect the usual slowdown in work, longer processing times for permits, and closures.

OEZZ/Saudi FIR Saudi Arabia has intercepted a ballistic missile that was fired from Yemen, after which Saudi aircraft bombarded the missile’s platform. A Saudi official stated that the country may reconsider the kingdom’s truce with Yemen, as a result of the strike. The missile launch was the second strike in May.

RCZZ/Taiwan On 31MAY, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck approximately 70 mi/115 km northeast of Taipei. The quake was measured at a depth of about 150 mi/240 km. There were no reports of damage, and no tsunami warning was issued.

UKZZ/Ukraine On 29MAY, attacks by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, violating the ceasefire signed in February 2015, killed five Ukrainian military officers and wounded four others. The latest attacks follow a 24 May report released by Ukrainian authorities, stating seven soldiers were killed on that day, making it the deadliest day for Ukrainian forces since August last year.

KZZZ/USA The State Dept has issued a warning to arriving travellers this summer to make sure that they have all necessary documents to enter the United States – there have been multiple changes to the rules this year (see Active Bulletins below for more on this).

View the full International Bulletin 01JUN2016

Midweek Briefing 25MAY: Cairo airspace -GPS jamming, Australia: new RNP rules (again)

Cairo airspace – GPS jamming 25MAY Egypt notified operators yesterday that GPS jamming is a concern to HECA/Cairo arrivals and overflights, and warned against conducting RNP/RNAV arrivals or approaches. Read the article.

Australia: new RNP rules (again) 25MAY A last minute relaxation by CASA has exempted Foreign private operators from having to be RNP2 compliant, ahead of many Navaids being switched off on Thursday. Foreign Commercial operators have a two year window to comply. Read the article.

LFZZ/France A French national strike is being called for on 26MAY by the DNSA. French Strike Regulation plan will be applied from 26/0400 UTC to 27/0400 UTC. Monitor NOP.

NTAA/Tahiti may not have fuel available from 25-28MAY due to strike action.

KZMA/Miami FIR A Falcon 9 rocket is set for launch from Cape Canaveral on 26MAY, a 2-hour launch window opens at 2140Z. 27MAY is the back-up day for the launch. Check KZMA/KZJX FIR NOTAM’s for restrictions.

VECF/Kolkata has updated SATCOM and local phone numbers: Kolkata Oceanic is at 441921 or 00870762092876 and Area Control is at 441902 or 00913325119520. The Satcom numbers are routed through the public telephone system.

EBLG/Liege Not available from 1530-2000 due to Staffing issues (which may recur later in the week).

MZZZ/Mexico A new law in Mexico expands the business, tourist and transit visa exemption for up to 180 days to visa nationals with a Canadian, Japanese, Schengen or UK visa, effective immediately, and to visa nationals who are permanent residents of Chile, Colombia or Peru effective July 1. APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) holders, certain airplane crew members remain eligible for this exemption.

MROC/San Jose On 21MAY Mount Turrialba erupted. The volcano is located approximately 30NM west of MROC. Some flights were cancelled in response to the eruption. Please monitor the Washington VAAC for further advisories.

EZZZ/Europe Eurocontrol has confirmed the date of 01JAN18 for all aircraft to be 8.33 kHz compliant. Currently 8.33 kHz is required only above FL195 but as of 01JAN18 it will be required below FL195 to the surface. Europe has an ongoing shortage of voice communication frequencies.

KZZZ/USA The U.S. Department of Transport has banned e-cigarettes from checked airline baggage over fire risks. This includes both passengers and flight crew.

USHH/Khanty-Mansiysk is closed until 30MAY at 1500Z due to the runway being repaired.

FACA/Cape Town FIR CPDLC/ADS-C is not available until 31MAY.

LLLL/Tel Aviv FIR has updated their security procedures for entering the the LLLL FIR. Please see AIC 2/16.

VGEG/Chittagong Flight operations at Chittagong airport have resumed after suspension due to cyclone Roanu.

OPZZ/Pakistan has issued AIC 03/16 covering NAVAID outages due to scheduled maintenance until June.

NZQN/Queenstown New Zealands most challenging airport is now open for night traffic but only for airlines that meet CAA approval to operate to very specific RNP procedures. The first are Air New Zealand and Jetstar.

View the full International Bulletin 25MAY2016

US, Canada may lose EU visa rights, More Free Route Airspace for Northern Europe

US and Canada may lose EU visa rights 13APR The European Commission published warning on 12APR that visa-free travel by US and Canadian citizens to Europe is at risk, due to the lack of a full reciprocal arrangement for EU citizens. Read the full article.

More Free Route Airspace for Northern Europe 13APR Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Latvia will be increasing free route airspace from 23JUN16. This allows operators to utilize User Preferred Routes above FL285. Details of the implementation can be found through the AIC A3/2016 from Sweden.


RKSS/Gimpo is set to open South Korea’s first purpose-built FBO next month. It includes a passenger terminal with customs and a large hangar that can accommodate up to eight large jets. The FBO is a partnership between Korea Airport Crop and Avjet Asia.

EBBR/Brussels Controversial ATC Strike occurred without notice yesterday 12APR, restricting traffic at EBBR and in Belgian Airspace. Eurocontrol advises 4 of 6 sectors operational Wednesday 13APR, at this stage no significant further effect likely.

KZZZ/USA New security measures in the U.S. are being enacted in response to the Brussels Airport Bombings. The Senate voted to increase the vetting of airport workers, expand the number of TSA viper teams that sweep through airports unannounced to stop and search suspicious people, and double the number of TSA’s bomb-sniffing dogs. Also, local law enforcement may also conduct random checks of cars and taxis heading towards the airport.

KZZZ/USA the FAA has provided its NextGEN update for 2016. It highlights all the completed items along with the expected achievements for the year. You can find all the info through the NextGEN website.

EZZZ/Europe as of 05APR Eurocontrol as been publishing Target Time information together with Calculated Take-off time (CTOT) in the Slot Allocation and Slot Revisions Messages (SAM and SRM). The purpose of the initiative is to provide flight crew with operational awareness of their flight’s planned time at the congestion point in the air, rather than solely providing the corresponding delayed departure time (CTOT) to implement ATFM measures.

EGZZ/United Kingdom A large scale military exercise named ‘Joint Warrior 16-1’ has been taking place since 09APR16 and will last until 22APR06. EGPX and EGTT FIR/UIRs are affected. However, low to medium impact on airline operations is expected.

LFZZ/France beginning 03MAY16 France will be implementing CPDLC services within LFFF, LFEE, LFRR, LFMM and LFBB FIR’s. The full details of the IOC can be found in AIC 10/16.

EGGX/Shanwick OCA implemented a trail of 5 minute separation minimum between aircraft which are following the same track, irrespective of whether they are East or Westbound. Full details can be found through AIC Y 022/2016.

LOWW/Vienna every weekend until 24MAY16 LOWW will be operating under single runway ops beginning 2100 on the Friday until 1600 on the Sunday. The closures are weather dependent and the closure will be recalled if the forecast calls for the use of runway 11/29. In any single runway scenario use at Vienna delays are a guarantee.

OEZZ/Saudi Arabia The U.S. State department updated a travel warning to Saudi Arabia on 11APR16. It outlines the risk to travellers due to an increased risk with the threat of terrorism.

SKZZ/Colombia The U.S. State department has updated the travel warning to Colombia. They have actually improved the travel warning as the security in the country has improved significantly in recent years. Foreigners should still exercise caution though.

LTCC/Diyarbakir is now able to handle international flights due to a new terminal building that has opened.

OLBA/Beirut two airport employees were detained on suspicion of terrorist activity involvement on 08APR16. Traces of explosives and a handgun were found on the two individuals.

DIAP/Cote D’Ivoire has reduced the passenger departure tax by 50% and have also removed the solidarity contribution tax levied on airline tickets.

GABS/Mali began renovations last month (MAR16) to increase the airports capacity to handle 1.5 million passengers which is up from the 800,000 annual passenger traffic. The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

View the full International Bulletin for 13APR2016

January 2016 US Visa Waiver Changes

When do these changes come in to effect?

The “four countries” restriction is effective 20DEC2015; the passport requirement 01APR2016.

Who is prohibited from traveling under the Visa Waiver Program by the new law?  Are there any exceptions or waivers from the restrictions?

The new VWP travel restrictions apply to:

• Nationals of VWP countries who, since 01MAR2011, have traveled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria or any other country of concern designated by the Department of Homeland Security; and

• Dual nationals of a VWP country and Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria or any other country of concern designated by the Department of Homeland Security.

If you have traveled to a country of concern since March 1, 2011, you are prohibited from traveling under the VWP.

If you are a dual national of a VWP country and Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria or any other country or area deemed to be of concern by the Secretary of Homeland Security, you are prohibited from traveling under the VWP.  There is no exception to this prohibition.

If you are barred from the VWP travel and do not qualify for an exception or a waiver, you must obtain a B-1/B-2 visa at a U.S. consulate before traveling to the United States for business or tourism.


What are the new passport requirements for travel under the Visa Waiver Program?  How do they differ from previous VWP requirements?

Starting 01APR2016, all VWP travelers (including infants and children) must present an e-Passport – i.e., a travel document that is machine-readable and contains an electronic chip – when traveling to the United States.

Most VWP travelers have been required to present an e-Passport when entering the United States for some time. However, some nationals of longtime VWP member countries whose passports were issued before October 26, 2006, have been able to travel to the United States on the VWP even if they do not have an e-Passport.

After March 31, 2016, all VWP travelers must present an e-Passport.   E-Passports contain an integrated computer chip that stores the passports holder’s biographic data, a biometric identifier, a digital signature and a unique chip identification number.  The data on the chip includes two lines of machine-readable data as well as facial recognition details. The chip can also be scanned to match the identity of the traveler to the passport.

These passport requirements apply only to travelers under the Visa Waiver Program. Foreign nationals who have a U.S. visitor visa or another type of U.S. nonimmigrant visa stamped in their passport are not required to comply with these revised passport requirements.


What is the Visa Waiver Program and who is eligible to participate?

The Visa Waiver Program permits eligible citizens of designated countries to travel to the United States for up to 90 days for business or pleasure without first having to obtain a visitor visa at a U.S. consulate.  In order to use the VWP, travelers must obtain Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) clearance.

Citizens of the following 38 countries are eligible to participate in the VWP: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Chile, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.




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