The seems to be no end in sight for the French Guiana ATC strike.

They’ve published yet another 4-part Notam for their SOOO/Rochambeau FIR, instructing operators exactly how to fly through their airspace – because for the next week, they won’t have any daytime FIR ATC staff on duty!

From 1100-2030z daily until 15 Nov, there’s no-one working. Nada. Zilcho.

Outside these hours, they usually manage to find enough controllers to come in to work a night-shift, although some days they don’t quite manage it and then overnight closures are announced on separate Notams too.

Basically, if you want to cross this bit of airspace, there are now very specific routes and levels you have to fly at. Once you’re inside the FIR, don’t change your speed or level. There are a couple of published routes that take you direct from the FIR boundary to SOCA/Cayenne Airport (where local tower ATC staff are still working), but the rest are just for overflying traffic. Check these carefully prior to ops, and make sure you’re at the right flight level before crossing the FIR boundary.

TTZP/Piarco ATC (who control the FIR to the north) have said that everything has been running smoothly so far with this contingency plan, and they haven’t had any problems with directing overflying traffic from TTZP to SOOO.

To read the contingency plan in full, with all the published routes and what to do, click here.