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After Hurricane Maria – Airport Status

Post Maria Airport and Airspace status:

Updated October 25, 2017 1800Z


  • MYMM/Mayaguana: Open and operating
  • MYSM/ San Salvador: Open and operating

Turks & Caicos

  • MBPV/Providenciales: Open and operating
  • MBGT/Grand Turk: Open and operating

Dominican Republic

  • All Airports Open and operating

Puerto Rico

TJZS all aircraft should use caution when operating within the interior or near the Island due to numerous low flying rotary wing aircraft.  For additional operation information click here.

  • TJSJ/San Juan: Open and operating. Airport continues to be under massive strain and Humanitarian flights are still top priority. The VHF frequencies and radar are working but intermittent.  CPDLC unavailable.  Fuel is available. Operators must make contact with Aerostar or handler for gate allocation. Slots now only required if you’re using the contingency ramp there. Call MFOC at 001-850-283-5994 all other flights file FPL normal. Overnight parking is available.
  • TJIG/Isla Grande: Open and operating from 0600-1900. Customs open 0800-1730.  Frequency 121.7 for advisory. Tower is operational. Overnight parking available.
  • TJBQ/Aguadilla: Military and Relief flights only. Tower is open and operating. Limited water, electricity, and internet. For services phone contact has been more successful due to internet complications.
  • TJPS/Ponce: Military and Hurricane relief and Air Carriers with PPR.
  • TJRV/Ceiba: Military, Hurricane relief, and GA flights only. Sunrise to Sunset only due to airport lighting down. VFR only no ATC or Tower. Fuel available.  No heavy equipment available to offload supplies. Military flights are required 48HR PPR contact: 805-326-9041.
  • TJVQ/Vieques: Open and operating. Sunrise to Sunset only due to airport lighting down. Internet not available.

For more information on operating into Puerto Rico

For Ops reports in Puerto Rico

U.S. Virgin Islands

  • TISX/St.Croix: Open and operating. A contingency ramp has been established for FEMA/DOD flights they require Slot reservation contact MFOCC at 1-850-282-0236. All aircraft should contact Longhorn Ops on 251.9 or 139.9 (+/-20min) before landing to arrange parking and fueling. Normal ATC procedures. Customs available.
  • TIST/St.Thomas: Open and operating. Airport hours are 0900-1800 local time.  Customs available 0800-1600LT. Equipment available for Cargo offload.  Fuel available. Fema permit NOT required.  Tower and unicom frequency is 118.8. Limited coverage from SJU Center.  ATIS, navaids, ILS, runway lights – all out of service.  For services contact St.Thomas Jet Center (email is best as phones are intermittent Contact Roy Romney: 340-690-5076/ or Terri Thomas: 340-626-5270 for immediate questions.
    Include the following when requesting services:
    Company name
    Tail #
    Make and model of aircraft
    Date of arrival/departure
    Local time ETA/ETD
    Number of crew and pax both in and out
    Method of payment
  • TIST have island curfew 1900-0800 still in place

For more information on operating into TIST/STT

British Virgin Islands

  • TUPJ/Beef Island-Tortola: Open and operating 1130-2100z, but VFR only. Fuel available, limited internet, and electrical power.  The perimeter fence was badly damaged by hurricane Irma, so the airport is no longer secured. No overnight parking. Only Property owners, residents and citizens are allowed in the territory at this time.  ATS services reduced to 5nm radius of the airport. Flights will need to get PPR here: or via email:
  • TUPA/Anegada: Airport closed.
  • TUPW/Virgin Gorda: Airport closed.

Sint Maartin

  • TNCM/Princess Juliana: Open and Operating 0700L-Sunset (due to no lighting). Fuel is available.  File FLP from point of origin due to com difficulties.  Equipment to offload cargo is fine, Menzies in charge of the cargo loader.  Main Frequency 118.7. ATC is operational (1100Z-Sunset daily). 3 fire vehicles active at the airport, fire CAT 9. Hotel rooms are difficult to find but handler can help arrange.

For information on TNCM/SXM

St. Kitts & Nevis

  • TKPK/Basseterre: Open and operating
  • TKPN/Nevis Island: Open and operating


  • TAPA/Antigua: Open and operating.


  • TQPF/The Valley: Open and Operating. Open from 1100Z to Sunset only. PPR required. Call sign Anguilla Radio on 118.500 25NM out. Fuel is available, Internet, Water and Electrical in terminal. ATC not available contact: 1-264-476-9642 or 1-264-476-5655. Comms with weather and traffic only. Call Aeronautical station for slot reservations (arrival and departure) 1-264-497-1646 and 1-264-584-5397


  • TFFR/Pointe-a-Pitre: Open and operating


Serious damage. Homes and trees flattened. Recovery efforts are currently being coordinated from the nearby islands of St Lucia and Antigua.

  • TDPD/Roseau: Open and operating with limitations. Hours Sunrise – Sunset. Electricity is via standby generator. Water supply is limited and JetA1 fuel is available only. Comms 118.9 standby radio is working and Fire CAT5. Ground handling available on request. Customs, Immigration, and agriculture officers present. Perimeter fence is limited to 60%.
  • TDCF/Canefield: Open and operating on a limited basis. Largest aircraft that can operate there is a Twin Otter. Only handheld ATC from offsite location, tower was heavily damaged. Difficult to contact as most communications are still down. Most utilizing Helicopters and St.Lucia is being used as a staging airport.
Trinidad and Tobago
  • TTCP: Open and operating normally
  • TTPP: Open and operating normally






Caribbean Tropical Storm Matthew

TZZZ/Caribbean Tropical Storm Matthew is expected to increase to Hurricane strength as it tracks across the Caribbean. Today, Barbados, Martinique and a number of other airports in the Windward islands have notified closures.



Midweek Briefing 03AUG: TSA/eAPIS increase in US fines, Vanuatu Runway concerns

TSA/eAPIS increase in US fines 03AUG Fines and penalties for getting your CBP Arrival/Departure manifest wrong will increase from 01AUG. That means, screw up the eAPIS and you are looking at a potential fine of $1,312. Read the article.

Vanuatu Runway concerns 03AUG Following interim repairs to the runway in Port Vila (NVVV/VLI) earlier this year, concerns have been raised once again about the condition of the runway, with diversions on Monday. Read the article.

LFPZ/Paris Airports Couple of upgrades in progress, LFPO has 06/24 closed until 29AUG, and LFPG is installing a new ILS until 03OCT; both will cause some delays.

YZZZ/Australia The Australian Border Force have announced a strike for Friday, 12 August. This marks a resumption of Industrial Action in Australia after a 3 month ‘ceasefire’ was agreed. The strike period is 24 hours, precise impact not yet clear, but AQIS/Biosecurity/Quarantine will also take part to some degree.

OMDB/Dubai is reopening with a single runway following a full airport closure early on 03AUG due to 777 crash.

UIII/Irkutstk has no air starter available for large aircraft until the end of August.Irkutsk is a common enroute diversion airport.

ZKZZ/North Korea is back in action with the missile launches again, on 03AUG they fired two ballistic missiles, one of which landed in Japanese waters inside the country’s economic exclusion zone. Another missile reportedly exploded immediately after the launch. The missiles were fired at 2250 UTC on 2 August from a region southwest of the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang.

MZZZ/Caribbean Tropical Storm Earl, multiple weather warnings for Jamaica, Caymans, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico.

VABB/Mumbai continues their Continuous Descent Approach trials in the TMA. Interestingly, part of the procedure calls for pilots to call in on 121.9 after landing and report the total amount of fuel saved (how do you work that out?), and then send a detailed brief by email to We forecast a relatively empty inbox.

AGGH/Honiara has some surface damage on the International Apron, taxi slowly.

SBZZ/Brazil On 02AUG, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro declared 4 August a new public holiday for the Olympic Games. The extra holiday comes after the mayor has already designated 5, 18 and 22 August as public holidays in Rio de Janeiro, and after the city experienced severe traffic congestion with the implementation of Olympic-designated lanes. On 1 August, the Olympic tracks caused more than 60 mi/100 km of traffic jams, with the worst traffic taking place on the Linha Amarela.

DZZZ/Lome UTA Following changes last year to the airspace over Benin and Togo (the two long thin countries squeezed between Ghana and Nigeria) – there’s still some confusion over who does what. In simple: Low Level (FL240 and below) is controlled by Cotonou Approach. High Level (FL250 and above) is controlled by Lome ACC.

EGGW/London Luton will close overnight weekends in November for some big repair work.

HLLL/Tripoli FIR Airstrikes this week by the USAF

LHPP/Pecs has no Jet A1 at the moment, back on 05AUG.

HEZZ/Egypt On 01AUG, reports announced that a semi-private company would take over responsibility for passenger and luggage screening at Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (HESH/SSH). The same company, which is a joint public-private entity, will take over security at Terminal 2 of Cairo International Airport (HECA/CAI) beginning in October 2016 when the terminal is scheduled to reopen. The company will later take over screening procedures at Hurghada (HEGN/HRG), Borg el-Arab (HEBA/HBE), Marsa Alam (HEMA/RMF), Aswan (HESN/ASW) and Luxor (HELX/LXR) airports. Egyptian police will continue to be responsible for perimeter security around Egyptian airports, including the terminal and the tarmac.

LOWS/Salzburg starts a multilateration (MLAT) trial on 05SEP. Keep your Mode S on, they ask.

SBBZ/Brazil Olympic Games kick off in a few days, if you are operating to Brazil read through the current NOTAMS carefully, there are a bunch of flow restrictions, special routes, and procedures.

FABL/Bloemfontein is carrying out major works during August. Diversions not accepted. Jet A1 is supplied by bowser during this time, and not hydrant as this is also being worked on.

LTZZ/Turkey – post Coup. As of 01AUG, the situation in Turkey continues to stabilize, as the government continues to step up security measures and conduct operations to detain alleged coup plotters. Turkey remains under a state of emergency, which allows the government to drastically restrict civil liberties, and will likely remain so for the next three months. Raids and security operations are continuing throughout the country. Travellers should note that Turkish authorities have reportedly been conducting ID checks in the busier areas of Istanbul. 

 Demonstrations have continued over the past several days. While the threat of violence remains a concern at demonstrations throughout Turkey, most have been conducted peacefully. Travellers should nevertheless take care to avoid such gatherings as a precaution, because violence can occur with little notice. Additionally, terrorists have targeted major demonstrations in the past.

FLFI/Lusaka ACC have called out some AFTN addressing issues, if you are operating to land in Zamabia, then file to FLKKZAZX and FLHNZAZX respectively. OMMM/Muscat ACC has a radar-less day on 18th August, 0600-1700Z. Turn that TCAS up.

WADL/Lombok, Bali has reopened after a closure on Monday 01AUG due to the eruption of Mt. Rinjani. The last closure was in OCT2015.

View the full International Bulletin 03AUG2016

Monday Briefing: North Atlantic OTS Changes, Indonesia Volcano Eruption

North Atlantic OTS Changes this week 09NOV This Wednesday (12NOV) sees the implementation of the new NAT Track OTS, marking the first change to the lateral structure since the tracks were introduced in 1965. New requirements include RNP4, and 24 new Oceanic Entry Points come into effect. See below for further.

Indonesia Volcano Eruption 09NOV Operations into WADD/ Denpasar, Bali continue to be disrupted due to ongoing eruption of Mt. Rinjani on Lombok Island. Also affected are nearby WARB/Blimbingsari and WADL/Lombok.

EINN/Shannon FIR CPDLC service is withdrawn on the evening prior to implementation of the new NAT Track system, voice service only from 1715Z onwards on 11NOV.

LGGG/Athens FIR Strike of Greek Radio Operators (thereby including AFTN messaging, and AFIS) announced this morning for 12NOV. Overflights will not be affected. Full details here.

HESH/Sharm el-Sheikh remains open but subject to multiple advice notices from international Authorities. Many airlines have cancelled operations into the airport after increasing suspicions that a bomb was loaded here onto the A320 which crashed into the Sinai Desert.

HLLL/Tripoli FIR Libya has issued updated advice regarding airport availability – HLLQ, HLTQ and HLZW are only available for international arrivals, daylight hours only. PPR and Permit is required prior operations.

SCFZ/Antofagasta ACC, Chile. Crews on Airways UL780 and UL302 are requested to inform ATC of any speed changes greater than .02 Mach; if unable on VHF, use HF 10024. The procedure is to ensure separation between succeeding aircraft operating on CI speeds.

SBXX/Brazil The Brazilian Grand Prix takes place 13-15NOV making Sao Paulo operations at SBSP/Congonhas, SBGR/Guarulhos, and SBKP/Campinas busier than usual.

RPLL/Manila, Philippines APEC 2015 Summit being held 17-20NOV. Check restrictions, many commercial flights have been suspended during this period. Parking at a premium. Consider quieter alternates such as RPLC/Clark.

YXXX/Australia Australian Border Force strike commencing midnight 09NOV across Australian airports. As a result, departure and arrival processing at Australian airports may take longer then usual.

WADD/Denpasar, Indonesia Operations here continue to be disrupted due to ongoing eruption of Mt. Rinjani. Also affected are nearby WARB/Blimbingsari and WADL/Lombok. For updates monitor

LIXX/Italy Possible ATC strike on 14NOV 1200-1600Z announced.

KXXX/US Airport Runway closures: BWI-RWY 10/28 CLOSED SEA-RWY 16C/34C CLOSED LAS-RWY 7L/25R CLOSED

KLAS/Las Vegas NBAA 2015 will take place 17-19NOV limiting airport capacity.

HECC/Cairo FIR, Egypt Point PASOS (LCCC FIR) is again available in both directions for flight planning. Please be aware flights departing OLBA via LCCC must file via VELOX-PASOS. Also see HECC NOTAM 1A277/15 and 1A278/15 for flight planning guidance.

VHHH/Hong Kong Arrival and Departure delays up to 30 minutes can be expected due to a flight check and maintenance on RWY 07L/25R on 09NOV 0530-0100 and 10NOV 2300-0100.

Caribbean Tropical Weather Advisory Shower and thunderstorm activity is showing signs of organization in association with a low pressure system located just north of the Turks and Caicos and the southeastern Bahamas. A tropical depression or a tropical storm is likely to form on Monday while the low moves west-northwestward to northwestward near or over the central and northwestern Bahamas. For further details see National Hurricane Center

KLAX/Los Angeles Due to military operations of the coast of LAX there is a risk of arrival delays and reroutes during the overnight periods until Nov 12th.

MWCR/Grand Cayman may be forced to shorten the runway at Owen Roberts International Airport (MCWR/GCM). The runway, which was extended to accommodate long-haul flights, may have to be shortened in order to accommodate a 400 ft/124 m safety area. An extension of the runway cannot be further extended, and the airport authority is examining all options.

CYYQ/Churchill has amended opening hours 1200-2200Z M-F.

PKWA/Bucholz has revised ATC hours from 01NOV, 0800-1230 and 1330-1600LT.

NWWW/Tontouta has a main runway closure 09-12NOV at various times, some daytime. Check NOTAM 1543/15.

EGPF/Glasgow is closed overnight 22NOV-11DEC for runway and taxiway repairs.

DRRR/Niamey Ouagadougou ACC is now operational H24 again; the previously implemented contingency plan for traffic operating outside ATC service hours is withdrawn.

View the full International Operations Bulletin for 09NOV2015.

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