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LFMM/Marseille weekend ATC strike 23-25 June

Another French ATC strike has been announced for the LFMM/Marseille ACC, spanning the entire weekend 23-25 June. The strike will run from 0430z on 23 June to 0430z on 25 June.

Key points:

– It’s just the the controllers of the LFMM/Marseille ACC en-route airspace above FL145 who are on strike.

– Just like the previous LFMM/Marseille ACC strikes, they expect a lot of controllers will join this one. They are once again advising that “minimum service is expected for the whole period” – that means that as little as 50% of FPL’s will get accepted.

– Eurocontrol have published a Mitigation Plan which includes recommended routes for flights to airports within the LFMM/Marseille sector during the strike. Read that in full here.

– Algeria and Tunisia will both open-up their airspace for re-routes.

– Easyjet and Ryanair have cancelled more than 300 flights over the weekend.

Each French ATC strike is different, but there are some things that are pretty much the same every time. For everything you need to know in order to survive, read our article!


  1. Lyndon Thomas

    24 June, 2018 at 6:23 am

    French ATC strike has been announced for the LFMM/Marseille ACC
    Everything seems to running to time from the UK.
    Any updates please.

  2. Gavin Pothecary

    9 June, 2018 at 4:23 am

    Any updates? All seems to be as normal from UK so far. I should be flying to Mahon later today if all stays as is.

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