Another ATC strike has been announced, this time just for the LFMM/Marseille ACC, spanning the entire weekend from 0430z on April 7 to 0430z on April 9.

Key points:

– It’s just the the controllers of the LFMM/Marseille ACC en-route airspace above FL145 who are on strike.

– They expect a lot of controllers will join the strike, as they’re already saying that “minimum service is expected for the whole period” – that means that as little as 50% of FPL’s get accepted, which in the context of weekend summer traffic is bad news.

– To help mitigate the impact, Eurocontrol has published a bunch of new routes for weekend traffic to avoid LFMM airspace. All the juicy details of that here.

– Algeria and Tunisia have once again opened up their airspace for re-routes too.

– So far, no reduction program has been requested from the airlines, although that may change.

– No plans for any measures to be applied on the Tango routes.

Each French ATC strike is different, but there are some things that are pretty much the same every time. For everything you need to know in order to survive, read our article!