Feb 1st, 2017 HLLL/Libya has issued state guidance to areas that they believe to be active Conflict Zones. While we list the entire country as Level 1 – Avoid” at safeairspace.net, it is nonetheless noteworthy as this type of notification from a ‘Conflict Zone state’ is rare. The 3 areas with coordinates, are below.

Area 1:- 3116N01610E 3108N01707E 3030N01700E 3042N01605E
Area 2:- 3251N02240E 3243N02246E 3239N02218E 3247N02216E
Area 3:- 3212N02002E 3209N02007E 3157N01953E 3154N02005E

These correspond to sites at Sirte, Benghazi, and Derna, left to  right below, with Sirte being the largest.





  • Libya Airspace/Overflight risk warnings  at safeairspace.net