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After Hurricane Maria – Airport Status

Post Maria Airport and Airspace status:

Updated October 20, 2017 2100Z


  • MYMM/Mayaguana: Open and operating
  • MYSM/ San Salvador: Open and operating

Turks & Caicos

  • MBPV/Providenciales: Open and operating
  • MBGT/Grand Turk: Open and operating

Dominican Republic

  • All Airports Open and operating

Puerto Rico

TJZS all aircraft should use caution when operating within the interior or near the Island due to numerous low flying rotary wing aircraft.  For additional operation information click here.

  • TJSJ/San Juan: Open and operating. Airport continues to be under massive strain and Humanitarian flights are still top priority. The VHF frequencies and radar are working but intermittent.  CPDLC unavailable.  Fuel is available. Operators must make contact with Aerostar or handler for gate allocation. Slots now only required if you’re using the contingency ramp there. Call MFOC at 001-850-283-5994 all other flights file FPL normal. Overnight parking is available.
  • TJIG/Isla Grande: Open and operating from 0600-1900. Customs open 0800-1730.  Frequency 121.7 for advisory. Tower is operational. Overnight parking available.
  • TJBQ/Aguadilla: Military and Relief flights only. Tower is open and operating. Limited water, electricity, and internet. For services phone contact has been more successful due to internet complications.
  • TJPS/Ponce: Military and Hurricane relief and Air Carriers with PPR. Due to equipment problems the airport is closed and expects to reopen Oct 23 1130Z.
  • TJRV/Ceiba: Military, Hurricane relief, and GA flights only. Sunrise to Sunset only due to airport lighting down. VFR only no ATC or Tower. Fuel available. No PPR needed. No heavy equipment available to offload supplies.
  • TJVQ/Vieques: Open and operating. Sunrise to Sunset only due to airport lighting down. Internet not available.

For more information on operating into Puerto Rico

For Ops reports in Puerto Rico

U.S. Virgin Islands

  • TISX/St.Croix: Open and operating. A contingency ramp has been established for FEMA/DOD flights they require Slot reservation contact MFOCC at 1-850-282-0236. All aircraft should contact Longhorn Ops on 251.9 or 139.9 (+/-20min) before landing to arrange parking and fueling. Normal ATC procedures. Customs available.
  • TIST/St.Thomas: Open and operating. Airport hours are 0900-1800 local time.  Customs available 0800-1600LT. Equipment available for Cargo offload.  Fuel available. Fema permit NOT required.  Tower and unicom frequency is 118.8. Limited coverage from SJU Center.  ATIS, navaids, ILS, runway lights – all out of service.  For services contact St.Thomas Jet Center (email is best as phones are intermittent Contact Roy Romney: 340-690-5076/ or Terri Thomas: 340-626-5270 for immediate questions.
    Include the following when requesting services:
    Company name
    Tail #
    Make and model of aircraft
    Date of arrival/departure
    Local time ETA/ETD
    Number of crew and pax both in and out
    Method of payment
  • TIST have island curfew 1900-0800 still in place

For more information on operating into TIST/STT

British Virgin Islands

  • TUPJ/Beef Island-Tortola: Open and operating 1130-2100z, but VFR only. Fuel available, limited internet, and electrical power.  The perimeter fence was badly damaged by hurricane Irma, so the airport is no longer secured. No overnight parking. Only Property owners, residents and citizens are allowed in the territory at this time.  ATS services reduced to 5nm radius of the airport. Flights will need to get PPR here: or via email:
  • TUPA/Anegada: Airport closed.
  • TUPW/Virgin Gorda: Airport closed.

Sint Maartin

  • TNCM/Princess Juliana: Open and Operating 0700L-Sunset (due to no lighting). Fuel is available.  File FLP from point of origin due to com difficulties.  Equipment to offload cargo is fine, Menzies in charge of the cargo loader.  Main Frequency 118.7. ATC is operational (1100Z-Sunset daily). 3 fire vehicles active at the airport, fire CAT 9. Hotel rooms are difficult to find but handler can help arrange.

For information on TNCM/SXM

St. Kitts & Nevis

  • TKPK/Basseterre: Open and operating
  • TKPN/Nevis Island: Open and operating


  • TAPA/Antigua: Open and operating.


  • TQPF/The Valley: Open and Operating. Open from 1100Z to Sunset only. PPR required. Call sign Anguilla Radio on 118.500 25NM out. Fuel is available, Internet, Water and Electrical in terminal. ATC not available contact: 1-264-476-9642 or 1-264-476-5655. Comms with weather and traffic only. Call Aeronautical station for slot reservations (arrival and departure) 1-264-497-1646 and 1-264-584-5397


  • TFFR/Pointe-a-Pitre: Open and operating


Serious damage. Homes and trees flattened. Recovery efforts are currently being coordinated from the nearby islands of St Lucia and Antigua.

  • TDPD/Roseau: Open and operating with limitations. Hours Sunrise – Sunset. Electricity is via standby generator. Water supply is limited and JetA1 fuel is available only. Comms 118.9 standby radio is working and Fire CAT5. Ground handling available on request. Customs, Immigration, and agriculture officers present. Perimeter fence is limited to 60%.
  • TDCF/Canefield: Open and operating on a limited basis. Largest aircraft that can operate there is a Twin Otter. Only handheld ATC from offsite location, tower was heavily damaged. Difficult to contact as most communications are still down. Most utilizing Helicopters and St.Lucia is being used as a staging airport.
Trinidad and Tobago
  • TTCP: Open and operating normally
  • TTPP: Open and operating normally






05OCT: PR Ops, French Strike, Shanwick Closure

Weekly International Ops Bulletin published by FSB for OPSGROUP covering critical changes to Airports, Airspace, ATC, Weather, Safety, Threats, Procedures, Visas. Subscribe to the short free version here, or join thousands of your Pilot/Dispatcher/ATC/CAA/Flight Ops colleagues in OPSGROUP for the full weekly bulletin, airspace warnings, Ops guides, tools, maps, group discussion, Ask-us-Anything, and a ton more! Curious? See what you get. Rated 5 stars by 125 reviews.

 LFZZ/France Looks like another French ATC strike is on the cards for next week. Several ATC unions have called for a work stoppage, affecting French airports and airspace from Monday evening (Oct 9) through Wednesday (Oct 11). There are no specifics just yet as to impact on FIR’s or specific airports, but this follows a previous pattern with French strikes that tends to have a high impact – meaning Ops to or over France are best avoided next Monday evening and Tuesday. DGAC/DNSA will hold a teleconference in French at 1130Z  this Friday (on +33 (0) 1 49 94 80 41, no PIN required), followed by a Eurocontrol teleconference in English at 1300Z. We will post any further information here as soon as received. Read the full article.

MHZZ/Central America Tropical Storm Nate is currently just off the northern coast of Nicaragua, moving NW at 8 kts with sustained winds of 35 Kts. Forecast to move towards Louisiana over the weekend as a Cat 1 Hurricane. Heavy rain expected across Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Belize and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsular. No airport closures anywhere yet, but keep an eye on the forecast for MMUN/Cancun, as that’s directly in the path of the storm.

TJZZ/Puerto Rico We got a ton of useful reports in the last few days from OPSGROUP members that have been to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. OPSGROUP members can login to Aireport for the full reports and latest additions as we get them – just view the latest reports and scroll through to see all.

GLZZ/Liberia On Oct 10th presidential and general elections will take place in Liberia causing political rallies and large gatherings to become more frequent during this time, particularly Oct 6th-8th.  Expect road blockages and disruption to traffic in the area of Monrovia, and disruptions and delays along the airport road on Oct 7th.

TJSJ/San Juan As of Tuesday night, slots are now only required if you’re using the contingency ramp at San Juan – for that, call MFOC at 001-850-283-5994 and for all other flights file FPL normally.

UACC/Astana is experiencing a fuel shortage. The airport authority has restricted refueling until further notice, operators should tanker though. If tankering isn’t possible, you should advise estimated uplift requirements as early as possible, so coordination can begin ASAP.

LSZZ/Switzerland In 2018, Switzerland will be launching their own emissions trading scheme, to integrate with the rest of the European ETS. All domestic flights, flights from Switzerland into Europe, will require this ETS. Read the full article.

VTZZ/Thailand A travel advisory has been issued to visitors and tourists, regarding the cremation ceremony of late King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Oct 25-29th. The ceremony is expected to draw 250,000 people to Bangkok and 70,000+ security personnel. They are expecting large crowds to disrupt traffic in Bangkok, and warned that some routes may be closed to traffic. The ceremony may affect services on 26 October, which officials have declared a national holiday.

VISR/Srinagar, India On Oct 3rd, three Islamist militants launched an attack on a Border Security Force (BSF) compound near Srinagar International Airport (VISR/SXR), located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Soldiers killed all three militants in a 10-hour gun battle. One soldier was killed. There were no casualties or damage at the airport, but the facility was closed for more than five hours.

EDDK/Cologne Airport is PPR for non-scheduled and GA Traffic until Dec 27th. You can get your PPR 72 hours prior, +49 2203 40 4310 or

EETN/Tallinn Parking PPR is required from Oct 2-12 if you’re going to be on the ground for more than 3 hours.  Exempt for scheduled and home based aircraft.

KLAX/Los Angeles From Oct 2-3, one of the 4 runways at KLAX will be completely closed for repair – RWY 24R/6L on the north side of the airport. During this time, the parallel RWY 24L/6R will be used for both arrivals and departures. Expect longer taxi times and departure delays throughout October, particularly at peak times.

LTZZ/Turkey GPS signal outages continue, expect interruptions to service within the Ankara FIR.

UTTT/Tashkent Sounds like there might be a fuel shortage again – until the end of the year, the airport is only available as an alternate for aircraft ‘with enough fuel on board for onward flight to their intended destination’. Although the airport is still fully serviceable as an en-route alternate, aircraft that use Tashkent as a destination alternate and end up having to divert here will face ‘extremely’ long delays for refueling.

ANYN/Nauru No HF radio coverage at Nauru until the end of the year. If you’re operating there, maintain HF contact with Brisbane  until you can make VHF contact with Nauru on 118.1MHZ or 126.MHZ. For overflights in the region outside of VHF range, you can contact them on satphone: either +61 147 148478 or +61 147 163879.

URSS/Sochi On Oct 10-21 Sochi will be hosting this year’s World Festival of Youth and Students. 2hr maximum ground time for flights not connected with the event. Expect long delays for fuelling – tanker in if possible.

LYBE/Belgrade Oct 8-11: No ad-hoc commercial or GA flights allowed, and you cannot use as an alternate, due to a mysterious “government event” Notam (it’s actually just an official state visit by the Turkish President).

MKZZ/Jamaica The airspace has now pretty much returned to normal, but ATC are moving over to a new system after deciding not to repair their radar which was damaged in a lightning strike last month. For now: 40 miles between aircraft on the same route regardless of flight level, and 40 miles between arrivals to MKJP.

Weekly International Ops Bulletin published by FSB for OPSGROUP covering critical changes to Airports, Airspace, ATC, Weather, Safety, Threats, Procedures, Visas. Subscribe to the short free version here, or join thousands of your Pilot/Dispatcher/ATC/CAA/Flight Ops colleagues in OPSGROUP for the full weekly bulletin, airspace warnings, Ops guides, tools, maps, group discussion, Ask-us-Anything, and a ton more! Curious? See what you get. Rated 5 stars by 125 reviews.

After Irma- Airport Status

Last update: 20September at 2000Z

Note: some airports in the Caribbean are closing for the expected arrival of Hurricane Maria. 

Due to damage and weather caused by Hurricane Irma below is the most recent information on Airports affected.


  • KEYW/Key West: GA flights have resumed 18SEP with limited amenities in the area due to damage (Hotac, transportation, catering) Airline flights resume 20SEP with some cancellations. Advised only people who live or are assisting with relief should be traveling to the area for now
  • KMTH/Marathon: open and operating as normal
  • KMKY/Marco Island: Open and operating as normal
  • KTMB/Tamiami: Open and operating as normal
  • KMIA/Maimi: Open with minor delays
  • KFLL/Ft. Lauderdale: Open with minor delays
  • KFXE/Ft. Lauderdale Executive: Open and operating as normal
  • KPBI/Palm Beach: Open and operating as normal
  • KMLB/Melbourne: Open and operating as normal
  • KJAX/Jacksonville: Open and operating as normal
  • KTLH/Tallahassee: Open and operating as normal
  • KTPA/Tampa: Open with operating as normal.
  • KPIE/St. Petersburg: Open and operating as normal
  • KSRQ/Sarasota: Open and operating as normal
  • KRSW/Ft. Myers: Open with as normal
  • KFMY/Ft. Myers: Open and operating as normal
  • KAPF/Naples:  Open with some limited services (monitor Notams) as of 18SEP.
  • KMCO/Orlando: Open and operating as normal
  • KSFB/Orlando Sanford: Open and operating as normal

Antigua & Barbuda

  • TAPA/St. Johns: Open and operating as normal from 0800-1700LCL as of 20 SEP
  • TAPH/Codrington: Closed until further notice due to serious damage to the airport. TAPA will be used as the hub and aid will be ferried by boat and helicopter to Barbuda


  • TQPF/The Valley: Closed for Hurricane Maria until 22SEP1000Z

British Virgin Islands

  • TUPJ/Roadtown: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria until at least 20SEP 1800Z
  • TISX/St.Croix: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria until 21SEP 1100Z


  • MUHA/Havana: Open and operating as normal
  • MUVR/Varadero: Open and operating as normal
  • MUCM/Camaguey: Closed expected to open 28SEP due to extensive damage in the Camaguey Archipelago area.
  • MUCC/Cayo Coco: Closed until further notice due to extensive infrastructure damage
  • MUSC/Santa Clara: Closed until further notice

Dominican Republic

  • MDSD/Santo Domingo: Open and operating as normal
  • MDLR/La Romana: Open and operating as normal
  • MDPC/Higuey Punta Cana: Closed due to passing of Maria until 21SEP 1200Z


  • TFFR/Pointe-a-Pitre: Open but accepting Humanitarian, Military and State flights only. ATC is operational 20SEP


  • TDPD/Roseau: Closed to all flights apart from relief/humanitarian. Runway and Apron have been determined usable, flights operate at their own risk. Unicom frequency active, no ATC – 118.9.
  • TDCF/Canefield: Open Emergency flights only as of 20SEP


  • MTCH/Cap Haitien: Open and operating as normal
  • MTPP/Port-au-Prince: Open and operating as normal

Puerto Rico

  • TJSJ/San Juan: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 20SEP
  • TJBQ/Aguadilla: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 20SEP
  • TJPS/Ponce: remains closed until further notice

St. Kitts & Nevis

  • TKPK/Basseterre: Planned to open at 1600Z today, not yet confirmed operating
  • TKPN/Nevis Island: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria until 20SEP

Turks & Caicos

  • MBGT/Grand Turk: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 20SEP. Due to flooding during Hurricane Irma the airport is expected to open 25SEP
  • MBPV/Providenciales: Closing for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 20SEP0230Z. Estimating to remain closed until 24SEP

St. Maarten

  • TNCM/ St. Maarten: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 19SEP.  ATC is expect to be operational again by end of the month. Still no internet and water but electricity is slowly recovering. Flights will possibly start beginning of October or mid-October at the latest. Ship with fuel should arrive soon for local flights.

St. Thomas

  • TIST/St. Thomas: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria until 21SEP

St. Barthelemy

  • TFFJ/St. Jean: Open with daily charter evacuation services. No status update as of 20SEP


  • TRPG/Gerald’s: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of  20SEP



14SEP: Airport Status after Irma, Getting out of Beijing – International Ops Bulletin

Weekly International Ops Bulletin published by FSB for OPSGROUP covering critical changes to Airports, Airspace, ATC, Weather, Safety, Threats, Procedures, Visas. Subscribe to the short free version here, or join thousands of your Pilot/Dispatcher/ATC/CAA/Flight Ops colleagues in OPSGROUP for the full weekly bulletin, airspace warnings, Ops guides, tools, maps, group discussion, Ask-us-Anything, and a ton more! Curious? See what you get. Rated 5 stars by 125 reviews.

TIST/St. Thomas Airport is closed except for military and hurricane relief ops until 16SEP at the earliest. A contingency ramp has been set up to support hurricane Irma disaster response and recovery missions. All flight operations requiring services from this contingency ramp must get prior permission and a slot from the Irma flight operations coordination center (IFOCC) at 001-850-282-0236. [more in Aireport]

VIDP/Delhi Delays likely as one of the longer runways (RWY28) will be closed for landings until mid-October. [more in Aireport]

EINN/Shannon The overnight closures at Shannon will be extended until at least 01OCT. [more in Aireport]

EIDW/Dublin The long runway (RWY 10/28) will be closed for repair again this week overnight from 2200-0400z. The other shorter runway will remain open though (RWY 16/34, 2702m). [more in Aireport]

LBSF/Sofia Starting at the end of September, any aircraft code B or above will not be able to park at Sofia for more than 72hrs.

LOWW/Vienna Want to remind operators that they need to put their arrival and departure slot ID numbers in section 18 of their filed ATC flight plans. If you don’t do it in the proper format, your flight plan will be automatically rejected by CFMU. See Austrian AIP SUP 019/13 for full details of how to do it! [more in Aireport]

EPWW/Poland No data link services will be provided in Polish airspace between now and next FEB, as they will be testing their systems during this time.

TNCM/St. Maarten Airport is non-operational, probably the worst hit of all airports in the path of Hurricane Irma. [more in Aireport]

UZZZ/Russia Eruption of Volcano Shiveluch in Kamchatka, East Russia. Ash cloud reported from SFC to FL330.

RJZZ/Japan According to information emerging on 5 September 2017, the Japanese government is working to establish a four-tier emergency evacuation plan in preparation for a potential escalation in the situation with North Korea. Each tier will escalate according to the severity of the situation; the tiers include discouraging unessential travel to South Korea, discouraging all travel to South Korea, urging Japanese citizens to evacuate South Korea, and urging Japanese citizens to shelter in place. Cited as an example in the implementation of the plan, if skirmishes were to occur between the two Koreas, the Japanese government would discourage all new travel to South Korea and urge citizens to evacuate using commercial flights. Japan would implement the fourth tier in the event an attack prompted the closure of South Korean airport facilities. South Korea has reportedly agreed to give Japanese nationals access to safe zones — such as subway stations — in the event of a shelter-in-place directive. Japan is also coordinating with U.S. forces to transport evacuees by sea from Busan in the event of an evacuation.

OIZZ/Iran Iranian FARS news agency has reported that Iran has now banned US and Saudi aircraft (including commercial airlines) from entering its airspace. Still no official statement from the CAA or Notam yet…

UIBB/Bratsk Prior permission required until the end of September, due to limited fuel availability.

LDZA/Zagreb Airport’s only runway closed to all traffic (including emergency diverts) at various different times overnight until 17SEP. [more in Aireport]

UMMS/Minsk Airport closed most nights throughout September from 2100-0200z.

SOCA/Cayenne Take note when flying here, lots going on between 0000-0300 and 0630-1100 daily from now and 30NOV. Issues with staff shortages. The lower space FIR of SOCA will be unavailable to IFR traffic except state and emergency flights and you cannot file as an alternate unless you are based in SOCA, a state flight or emergency. [more in Aireport]

EGCC/Manchester You should uplift additional fuel before departing for Manchester. With Runway 05L/23R closed there is a high potential for holding delays. [more in Aireport]

EDDH/Hamburg Airport is closed from from 2159-0330 daily from 13-16SEP. [more in Aireport]

EETN/Tallinn PPR required for parking longer than 3hrs. Email to from now until 02OCT. [more in Aireport]

GVBA/Boa Vista Aerodrome Closed on Wed 1700-1900 and Thurs 0900-1000 from now until 31OCT due to runway works.

HEAX/Alexandria Only available to domestic flights for private aircraft, Helicopters, Petroleum Air Service and Egyptian Air Force from now until 28NOV. [more in Aireport]

USHH/Khanti-Mansi Check before flying here. The airport is closed sporadically right through September.

WSSL/WSSS/Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix is on soon, making Singapore busy and slots difficult to obtain. Arrange well in advance. Busiest dates expected 13-19SEP. [more in Aireport]

OMAE/United Arab Emirates All traffic routing M318 leaving the Emirates FIR towards MEVDO, plan on exiting VIA M550 – RIBOT

EGZZ/United Kingdom The UK has added North Korea to airspace warnings in their AIP ENR 1.1. They are warning of the area between 1200000E and 140000E due to the unannounced missile tests in the area of the Sea of Japan.  See NOTAM V0012/17 for full text.

SPJC/Peru Strikes are taking place in the historic centre of Lima and some other parts of the country, leading to temporary transport disruption. You should monitor the news and follow local advice. [more in Aireport]

ESMX/Kronoberg PPR required for all non-scheduled ops MON-FRI, 0500-1600 unitl 27October, and again from 30-31Oct.

TKPK/St Kitts All Private pax must process through the YU lounge, not through the main terminal.  Use a handler to get access to the lounge.

ORBB/Baghdad 20 aircraft per hour accepted into Baghdad FIR from TASMI and RATVO.

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