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Hurricane Maria – Airport Status

Position at 22Sep 2230Z: Hurricane Maria is located about 100 NM ENE of the Southeastern Bahamas and about 343 NM ESE of Nassau with winds of 108 kts and moving NW at 8 Kt

Following is the status for the airports and airspace affected:


  • MYMM/Mayaguana: Closed
  • MYSM/ San Salvador: Closed

Turks & Caicos

  • MBPV/Providenciales: Airport closed, current projected 23Sep. Only 3 hotels currently open and functioning in the area. Limited services.
  • MBGT/Grand Turk: Closed, due to flooding during Hurricane Irma, not expected to open until 25 Sep

Dominican Republic

  • All Airports open and operating. NOTAM is still in place ‘when winds are >30knots for 10mins or more the airports will close.’
  • MDPP/Puerto Plata: Reopened and operating as normal was closed to storm and most affected.

Puerto Rico

Heavily impacted by Maria. No electricity on the island, may not be up and running for weeks. Storm surge, and catastrophic flash-flooding warnings in effect. Heavy rainfall is expected to continue through the night. Impact on ops across PR airports still being assessed.

  • TJZS/San Juan FIR ATC Operating but with reduced capacity from Miami Center. As of 2200Z, Miami and
    San Juan Center debating closing the airspace for the night, keep an eye on NOTAM for updates.
    Enter airspace above FL290.
    For routing to/from Piarco use:

FEMA is issuing clearances, may contact at,  All requests for movement should include the following:

  1. Purpose.
  2. Listing of Humanitarian Relief Commodities.
  3. Reception arrangements coordinated for unloading, movement, storage, and/or distribution.
  4. Departing Airport Code and approx. departure time.
  5. Ground logistics arrangements in coordination with a local authority.
  • TJSJ/San Juan: Hurricane Relief flights, Scheduled Air Carrier, Military, and local air taxi only. Airport will be closed overnight due to no lights. Fuel is available and all major comms are down. No CPDLC, VOR or Radar coverage at the moment.
  • TJIG/Isla Grande: Airport VFR only, no lights available, tower closed.  Humanitarian flights only.
  • TJBQ/Aguadilla: Military and Hurricane relief only until 03Oct. VFR only.
  • TJPS/Ponce: Military and Hurricane relief only until 29Sep.
  • TJRV/Ceiba: Airport closed.
  • TJVQ/Vieques: Airport closed.

U.S. Virgin Islands

  • TISX/St.Croix: Military and Hurricane Relief flights only. Tentative opening 05OCT.  The tower was not damaged, however, does not currently have power. They are attempting to source a generator and get power to the Control Tower. The terminal is heavily damaged.
  • TIST/St.Thomas: Military and hurricane relief flights only.  Tentative opening 30Sep

British Virgin Islands

Already widespread damage after Irma, with further complications by Maria.  Expecting more information through the week.

  • TUPJ/Beef Island-Tortola: Humanitarian flights only. Limited travel access to and from airport. Fuel available, limited internet, and electrical power. Expecting updated on damage next week. The perimeter fence was badly damaged by hurricane Irma, so the airport is no longer secured. ATS services reduced to 5nm radius of the airport. Contact for the Relief Force 1-284-346-0690. Contact Disaster relief permission email:
  • TUPA/Anegada: Airport closed.
  • TUPW/Virgin Gorda: Airport closed.

Sint Maartin

  • TNCM/Princess Juliana:  VFR ops are allowed from 1130-2130Z for humanitarian, military, emergency flights only with prior permission. ATS services SFC-FL150 unavailable until approx 20OCT. Further report from Opsgroup member (post-Irma but pre-Maria): TNCM had one high and low loader operative when we operated there. Airport is secured and cleaned by the Dutch military. No Nav aids active during our flights there. Consider VFR only. Flight require to be pre coordinated, unannounced flights don’t have guaranteed cargo handling. ATC is organized by Dutch MIL ATC, expect to be picked up 25nm out. 3 fire vehicles active at the airport, fire CAT unknown/undeclared.  Pre-approval can be requested by email: or by phone: +1-721-520-5339

St. Kitts & Nevis

  • TKPK/Basseterre: Open and operating
  • TKPN/Nevis Island: Open and operating


  • TAPA/Antigua: Open and operating
  • TQPF/The Valley: Open from Sunrise to Sunset. The airport is unmanned and PPR is required: 1-264-772-0431 or 1-264-729-9350


40% of the island is without power. Flooding is causing the most issues.

  • TFFR/Pointe-a-Pitre: Open and operating


Serious damage. Homes and trees flattened. No power, water or food supplies. Recovery efforts are currently being coordinated from the nearby islands of St Lucia and Antigua.

  • TDPD/Roseau: Humanitarian flights only. Runway and Apron have been determined use able, flights operate at their own risk. Unicom frequency active, no ATC – 118.9.
  • TDCF/Canefield: Humanitarian flights only. Largest aircraft that can operate there is a Twin Otter. Most utilizing Helicopters and St.Lucia is being used as a staging airport.
Trinidad and Tobago
  • TTCP: Open and operating normally
  • TTPP: Open and operating normally
  • TTZP/Piarco FIR: VHF comms in north of FIR restricted due to damage to remote antenna site in Antigua. CPDLC not operational.






Humanitarian Relief – Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

Currently, operations into Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are limited to humanitarian and relief flights.

In order to obtain clearance to operate to these locations, FEMA must give approval:

Email requests to:   In the request, please include:

  • Purpose.
  • Listing of Humanitarian Relief Commodities.
  • Reception arrangements coordinated for unloading, movement, storage, and/or distribution.
  • Departing Airport Code and approx. departure time.
  • Ground logistics arrangements in coordination with a local authority.

It is important to note–FEMA is prioritizing for life-saving missions, your requests may go unanswered or held to allow the first responders full access to resources locally.

As you’ll need to ensure you’ve got local handling arranged, we have the below contact information.  They are very busy, and dealing with diminished communication abilities, so contact may be difficult.

TJSJ/San Juan: 
Jet Aviation San Juan – (787) 791-7005 / (787) 399-3260 /
Airport Aviation Services – (787) 797-8500 / (787) 424-9499 /


TJIG/Isla Grande:
Million Air – (787) 289-2021 /


Copeca Jet Center – (787) 890-1250 / (787) 505-0256 /
Western Aviation Service – (787) 890-2323 /


South Puerto Rico Aero Service – (787) 844-5223 /


Million Air – (787) 289-2021 /


Million Air – (787) 289-2021 . /


Bohlke International (340) 778 9177  /


St. Thomas Jet Center – (877) 894 1810 /
Alliance Aviation – (340) 777 4646 /

As more updates arrive from FEMA, we’ll provide here.

Images from Puerto Rico Airports show devastation

Please review Hurricane Maria – Airspace and Airport Status for the latest operational information on closures and impact on flight ops

Images from TJIG/Isla Grande in Puerto Rico. TJIG is 6nm from TJSJ/San Juan.



Please review Hurricane Maria – Airspace and Airport Status for the latest operational information on closures and impact on flight ops

Mexico City Airport – After Earthquake Status

Following the 19Sep earthquake in Mexico City, MMMX airport sustained damage, and forced closure:

MMMX/Mexico City Operational again after the earthquake, since 1600EST yesterday. Terminal damage, airtrain not operating. Runways and Apron OK. No fuel issues reported.

  • If you require information about your flight, get in touch with your airline.
  • Access to Terminal 2 is only through the roundabout, plan ahead to arrive on time.
  • The airtrain is out of service.  Bus service is available between P6 and P7 from T1 and P4 from T2.
  • AICM is currently working on fixing both terminals, and this work is not risking the security the customers.


MMTO/Toluca Remained operational, did not close, no issues reported.

Any updates to MMMX operations will be posted here.

Heavy rain affecting ops into VABB/Mumbai

VABB/Mumbai Heavy rain is affecting flight ops at Mumbai airport for the second day in a row. The main runway (09/27) remains closed after a Spicejet aircraft skidded off last night and got stuck in mud, and it’s not expected to be open again until later today – once the aircraft can be recovered.

In the meantime, the other smaller runway is in use. Expect delays until the weather improves!

Hurricane Maria – Where is it going?

As of 2100Z today 19 September Hurricane Maria was located about 80 miles SE of the island of St. Croix and 175 miles SE of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The category 5 storm is slowly moving WNW at 10 mph. This movement and speed will place the cyclone right over the whole island of Puerto Rico by Wednesday 20 September at around 1800Z.

All Puerto Rican coastal areas are under hurricane warning and all airports in the island are expected to close at some point tomorrow. The East and North coasts of the Dominican Republic are expected to be hit by the storm in the early hours of Thursday 21 September; these coastal areas are also under hurricane warning mainly affecting Punta Cana (MDPC) and Puerto Plata (MDPP), which will most likely stop operations sometime tomorrow.


After Irma- Airport Status

Last update: 20September at 2000Z

Note: some airports in the Caribbean are closing for the expected arrival of Hurricane Maria. 

Due to damage and weather caused by Hurricane Irma below is the most recent information on Airports affected.


  • KEYW/Key West: GA flights have resumed 18SEP with limited amenities in the area due to damage (Hotac, transportation, catering) Airline flights resume 20SEP with some cancellations. Advised only people who live or are assisting with relief should be traveling to the area for now
  • KMTH/Marathon: open and operating as normal
  • KMKY/Marco Island: Open and operating as normal
  • KTMB/Tamiami: Open and operating as normal
  • KMIA/Maimi: Open with minor delays
  • KFLL/Ft. Lauderdale: Open with minor delays
  • KFXE/Ft. Lauderdale Executive: Open and operating as normal
  • KPBI/Palm Beach: Open and operating as normal
  • KMLB/Melbourne: Open and operating as normal
  • KJAX/Jacksonville: Open and operating as normal
  • KTLH/Tallahassee: Open and operating as normal
  • KTPA/Tampa: Open with operating as normal.
  • KPIE/St. Petersburg: Open and operating as normal
  • KSRQ/Sarasota: Open and operating as normal
  • KRSW/Ft. Myers: Open with as normal
  • KFMY/Ft. Myers: Open and operating as normal
  • KAPF/Naples:  Open with some limited services (monitor Notams) as of 18SEP.
  • KMCO/Orlando: Open and operating as normal
  • KSFB/Orlando Sanford: Open and operating as normal

Antigua & Barbuda

  • TAPA/St. Johns: Open and operating as normal from 0800-1700LCL as of 20 SEP
  • TAPH/Codrington: Closed until further notice due to serious damage to the airport. TAPA will be used as the hub and aid will be ferried by boat and helicopter to Barbuda


  • TQPF/The Valley: Closed for Hurricane Maria until 22SEP1000Z

British Virgin Islands

  • TUPJ/Roadtown: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria until at least 20SEP 1800Z
  • TISX/St.Croix: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria until 21SEP 1100Z


  • MUHA/Havana: Open and operating as normal
  • MUVR/Varadero: Open and operating as normal
  • MUCM/Camaguey: Closed expected to open 28SEP due to extensive damage in the Camaguey Archipelago area.
  • MUCC/Cayo Coco: Closed until further notice due to extensive infrastructure damage
  • MUSC/Santa Clara: Closed until further notice

Dominican Republic

  • MDSD/Santo Domingo: Open and operating as normal
  • MDLR/La Romana: Open and operating as normal
  • MDPC/Higuey Punta Cana: Closed due to passing of Maria until 21SEP 1200Z


  • TFFR/Pointe-a-Pitre: Open but accepting Humanitarian, Military and State flights only. ATC is operational 20SEP


  • TDPD/Roseau: Closed to all flights apart from relief/humanitarian. Runway and Apron have been determined usable, flights operate at their own risk. Unicom frequency active, no ATC – 118.9.
  • TDCF/Canefield: Open Emergency flights only as of 20SEP


  • MTCH/Cap Haitien: Open and operating as normal
  • MTPP/Port-au-Prince: Open and operating as normal

Puerto Rico

  • TJSJ/San Juan: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 20SEP
  • TJBQ/Aguadilla: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 20SEP
  • TJPS/Ponce: remains closed until further notice

St. Kitts & Nevis

  • TKPK/Basseterre: Planned to open at 1600Z today, not yet confirmed operating
  • TKPN/Nevis Island: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria until 20SEP

Turks & Caicos

  • MBGT/Grand Turk: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 20SEP. Due to flooding during Hurricane Irma the airport is expected to open 25SEP
  • MBPV/Providenciales: Closing for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 20SEP0230Z. Estimating to remain closed until 24SEP

St. Maarten

  • TNCM/ St. Maarten: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of 19SEP.  ATC is expect to be operational again by end of the month. Still no internet and water but electricity is slowly recovering. Flights will possibly start beginning of October or mid-October at the latest. Ship with fuel should arrive soon for local flights.

St. Thomas

  • TIST/St. Thomas: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria until 21SEP

St. Barthelemy

  • TFFJ/St. Jean: Open with daily charter evacuation services. No status update as of 20SEP


  • TRPG/Gerald’s: Closed for passage of Hurricane Maria as of  20SEP



No fuel at NZAA/Auckland

Due to a major leak in the main fuel line from the refinery north of Auckland to the fuel terminal serving Auckland Airport JetA1 fuel supplies to the airport have been severely restricted.

GA and corporate jet operators will be unlikely to uplift fuel at NZAA until further notice.

We have just been advised that repairs could take up to 10 days and so we are advising all corporate operators planning trips  NZAA to tanker fuel sufficient to get to their next destination or to Wellington or Christchurch.

Expect refuel delays at these alternative locations due to strong demand to supply airline disrupts and diversions.

Cayenne FIR: ATC gives up

SOOO/Cayenne FIR:  French Guiana ATC has finally given up the ghost – they’ve now implemented their contingency plan for their airspace, due to continued strike action.

If you want to cross this bit of airspace, there are now very specific routes and levels you have to fly at. Once you’re inside the airspace, don’t change your sped or level. All the details have been published in the Notams – check these carefully!

North Korea: Another launch, extended range.

Just the Facts:

On September 15th, North Korea launched another missile, for the first time crossing over Japanese landmass. This one flew for 19 minutes, flew 2300 miles, and was likely a variant of the Hwasong-12 missile.

With the extended range, it puts more airspace at risk from debris fields.  Once can reasonably exclude quite a bit of this airspace, as all launches are easterly.

This launch passed over the airways below off the coast of Japan:

Continued caution should be taken in oceanic airspace west of North Korea.

For more reading, read our post on the missiles specific to the Sea of Japan:

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