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Month: June 2014

Monday Briefing: Belgium ATC Strike, France Delays

Possible Belgium ATC Strike 25JUN A decision is expected by 1000Z today on possible Industrial Action in Belgium. If it goes ahead, it will start at 1500Z with sporadic work stoppages rather than a blanket closure.

France Strike: High Delays 25JUN Wednesday will see extensive delays again through French Airspace, with over 300,000 delay minutes already showing in the slot system. Re-route options are published though these will also be subject to CTOT delay. Further below.

LFXX/France The strike is continuing as planned, and although Union negotiation is taking place, there is no indication that it will not continue for the full 6 days originally forecast. For tactical information and re-route suggestions, use the Eurocontrol NOP. A teleconference will take place this afternoon European time at 1100Z. Dial-in number: +32 2 401 54 26. Participant PIN code: 38557308#.

EGCC/Manchester and EGLL/London Heathrow are not available as alternates during the period of the French strike.

NTAA/Tahiti is renewing the runway from mid July to beginning of January 2015 and specific opening hours will apply from this point onwards. Direct arrival in Bora Bora or any other island is possible with an advance notice of 21 days.

TNCA/Aruba will be closed daily until 1100Z until 01JUL.

EINN/Shannon Airport will be closed on the night of 04JUL from 2145-0100Z due to the main runway being used for a charity event. Operators using EINN as a North Atlantic alternate should consider EIDW/Dublin instead during this period.

FMEE/Reunion Island Volcano Piton La Fournaise on Reunion Island has erupted although there is currently no ash plume reported.

DIAP/Abidjan The airports’ only runway will be closed 24-29JUN from 0230-0800Z.

DAAA/Algiers Area Control Centre has a new combined telephone and fax number from 24JUN: + 213 23 90 76 10.

FEFF/Bangui, Central African Republic extends Jet A1 unavailability until end of July.

HDAM/Djibouti has their Independence Day on 27JUN. No traffic is permitted to operate overnight, until 1000Z.

HSSJ/Juba has advised that runway maintenance will begin at 1300Z each day 01JUL, closing the main runway.

MZBZ/Belize is taking their SSR radar off the air for the month of July, meaning a procedural only approach control service and likely delays during high traffic periods.

French Polynesia effective 25JUN new phone numbers are in place for Tahiti and all French Polynesia islands. Mobile numbers have an “87” added after the country code, land line numbers have a “40”.

Monday Briefing: Iraq Concerns grow, Monsoon Rains in Manila

Iraq concerns grow 17JUN ORBM/Mosul is closed, but other airports remain open. Heavy fighting near Baghdad this morning gives concern to Ops into ORBI/Baghdad Int’l. Overflights unaffected. Further briefing below.

Monsoon rains affecting Manila FIR 17JUN Daily reroutes are in effect within RPHI/Manila FIR due to heavy monsoon rain and storms. Multiple routes are tactically reroutes on a daily basis.

ORBB/Baghdad FIR. The situation in Iraq is escalating quickly. As of 17JUN, all airports remain open except ORBM/Mosul, but security concerns at all airports are high and ops should be carefully assessed. Reports of an attack on ORBI/Baghdad on 16JUN were deemed false but the risk remains high. Overflights are unaffected so far, though prudence may dictate a reroute away from the trouble areas at lower levels. There are frequency issues in the western part of the Baghdad FIR, 129.1 is operating at reduced range west of position GIBUX. The advice to leave/avoid Iraq remains clear; US Embassy staff were evacuated from Baghdad on 16JUN to Consulates General in Basrah and Erbil and Iraq Support Unit in Amman.

LOVV/Vienna FIR reports several cases of ‘radar interference’, and the same is also true for a number of other Central European FIRs. Eurocontrol NM has started an investigation.

YPDN/Darwin has a number of F18 flypasts on the afternoon 21JUN, potential for delay.

LLBG/Tel Aviv Update to GA restrictions at Ben Gurion – 0450-0800, 1400-1800, and 2300-0140 local, due to traffic congestion. Parking is not permitted for longer than 03 days.

UGTB/Tbilisi Runway 13R/31L, the airports only runway, will be closed every Wednesday from 0800-1400 and every Friday 1400-1959 02JUL-03OCT.

LFMN/Nice is closed 2000-0400Z from 16JUN-21JUN.

SPIM/Lima From 09JUN-14JUL all flights departing to Brazil will be subject to slot allocation due to the FIFA World Cup.

DRRM/Maradi from 12JUN-12JUL the airport will be closed to all traffic.

Algeria The latest situation with Algeria overflight permits is as follows: During period of Eurocontrol member strikes affecting adjacent FIR’s, overflight is permitted with notification only by FPL. Outside these times, Passenger flights require prior approval from the CAA, and this can only be obtained during office hours, starting at 8am. Short-notice permits for emergencies and medical flights can be issued by the ATC centre at Algiers, but routine flights will only be processed during office hours.

Kazakhstan says it plans to drop visa requirements for visitors from 10 countries for a one-year test period. Effective 15JUL citizens of the United States, the Netherlands, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Japan will be able to enter and stay in Kazakhstan without a visa for 15 days. Foreign visitors holding passports from those countries who want to stay longer will be obliged to apply for business or investors’ visas.

United States The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration has authorized for the first time the use of drone over land with the issuance of a permit to use unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in mapping oilfield pipelines, equipment and roads in Alaska.

Monday Briefing: Karachi Airport Attack, Italian Strike

OPKC/Karachi open after attack 09JUN The Taliban attack on Karachi’s International Airport will keep OPKC on the ‘avoid’ list for a long time to come. The airport reopened at 1100Z today but 07R, the closer runway, remains closed.

Italian strike goes ahead for 11JUN 09JUN An ATC strike in Italy is going ahead as planned 1030-1430Z on Wednesday. Overflights and Intercon arrivals not affected. Other international arrivals must land by 1100Z.

OLBA/Beirut, Lebanon ATC strike 0800-1000Z on 10JUN announced on Sunday. Traffic into and out of the main airport suspended, but overflights not affected.

SPxx/Peru Significant airspace restructuring coming to Peru on 24JUL. There will be new airspace configuration and major changes in the TMA’s of Lima, Arequipa, Cusco , Pucallpa, Chiclayo, Trujillo and Piura. Check charts are current.

MPZL/Panama FIR A reminder from ATC that Flight Plans must be filed in the new ICAO 2012 format and that the DOF code must be inserted into the plan , flight plans submitted with a DOF exceeding 24 hrs will not be accepted

SLVR/Santa Cruz, Bolivia Arrival and departure slots will be in force from 13JUN-16JUN due to the G77 developing nations summit. An alternate option may be SLCB/Cochabamba, 180nm away.

CZQX/Gander OCA – some feedback from Gander since the NAT changes on 29MAY. Aircraft exiting the NAT westbound at an OEP/Oceanic Exit Point other than the one initially filed, should always route to the landfall point associated with the new clearance. Expect an onward clearance after that landfall point. Also, co-ordinates should be carefully cross checked in the FMS, the shorthand N5450 format can lead to Nav errors.
East Africa – Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda have just introduced the East Africa Tourist Visa, which allows multiple entries among the three countries for a period of 90 days for $100.

United Arab Emirates – 10JUN-12JUN Abu Dhabi is hosting the largest event on the IATA calendar, the biennial Slot Conference, which will attract nearly 1,000 delegates from over 200 airlines as well as representatives of over 60 airports. The conference aims to help airlines and airports worldwide obtain slots towards offering the best possible schedules for their customers.

FASZ/Skukuza (Kruger Park) – Starting 04JUN prior notice for landings must be obtained at least 2 working days in advance. Requests must be submitted in writing and addressed to Skukuza airport management either by fax or email. Penalties for non-authorized landings will be levied.

Monday Briefing: Darwin closed, Ukraine Uncertainty

YPDN/Darwin closure after Indonesia Eruption 02JUN Darwin Airport closed this weekend due to a large volcanic eruption form Sangean Volcano in Central Indonesia. The plume initially reached FL100 before drifting south. Some flights started operating again Monday.

Ukraine Uncertainty Continues 02JUN Following a further week of unrest in Ukraine, per Eurocontrol the following airports still remain closed:  UKCC/Donetsk, UKFF/Simferopol, UKFB/Sevastopol, UKCM/Mariupol.

HEAT/Asyut, Egypt will be closed until at least May 2015 due to renovations.

OIIE/Tehran, Iran In remembrance of the 25th anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini all air traffic in the Tehran province will cease from 0745 until 1200 local time (0315-0730 UTC) on 4 June 2014. The air traffic suspension will affect eight airports.

HRYR/ Kigali, Rwanda Rwy closed 0000-0430Z until 11Jun due repairs.

Indonesia Sangean Volcano in central Indonesia erupted Friday 30MAY, initial plume to FL100, traffic in Brisbane, Melbourne FIR’s also affected. YPDN/Darwin was closed for the weekend and slowly reopening Monday 02JUN. Local airports nearby also closed, 7000 evacuated.

EGNS/Isle of Man Red Arrows Display 03JUN at 1815Z, all movements at EGNS suspended during this time; delays expected.

RCKH/Kaohsiung, China The ATC folks are running a 2 hour tower evacuation drill during the afternoon of 12JUN. Delays are expected.

Libya – Due to ongoing security issues HLLS/Sebha remains closed until 10JUN, and HLLB/Benina closed until 15JUN, earliest.

TNCC/Curcacao will be closed daily from 0300-1100Z 09JUN until 27JUN

UKOV/Odesa FIR A new VHF Volmet is in operation from 01JUN on 126.375, reports available for Odesa and Simferopol FIRs, and Odesa, Kyiv, Chisinau, Bucharest, Constanta, and Istanbul.

VDPP/Phnom Penh Flight checks – delays can be expected for arrivals and departures. JUN 03-08 0200-1000Z.

DTTC/Tunis Flight crews are warned that they may encounter laser beams or other bright lights in flight.

Mexico Effective 25APR there are some significant changes to the Mexico Permit process. 1. No charter operations will be allowed to operate to Mexico as a private non-revenue flight – all flights are treated as charter. 2. Operators can apply for blanket permits to cover the fleet, but these take 3-4 months. 3. Single Trip Permits can be approved within 5 days. 4. These permits allow for the operator to fly to multiple destinations within Mexico, as long as no new passengers are acquired throughout the trip.

Greek Islands A Eurocontrol phone conference with Aircraft Operators was held on 28MAY to discuss the restrictions this coming summer. You can listen to a playback of the recording here.

Wallis and Futuna Customs and Immigration now require 48 hours PN at NLWW for all international flights.

Russia Not strictly aviation specific but effective 01JUN Russia has banned smoking in all restaurants, cafes, bars, and airports, trains, hotels, and ships.

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