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Month: May 2014

Special Report: North Atlantic Changes

North Atlantic Changes

This coming Thursday, 29MAY2014, Gander Control will implement a number of changes in their airspace on the Canadian Seaboard that will affect the structure and design of NAT Tracks, and Oceanic Flight Planning with immediate effect.

Removal of the Fish Points


Introduction of Gander Oceanic Transition Area

Because of new ADS-B coverage in the area between Canada and Greenland, the boundary between Domestic and Oceanic airspace is being shifted around 175nm to the east, creating a new Oceanic Transition Area known as GOTA.

New NAT Track design – Eastbound

Currently, NAT Tracks have a anchor point and an Oceanic Entry Point (OEP) – like VIXUN LOGSU 49N50W. Starting 29MAY, the Track will be built using only an OEP and a 50W point – in this example JANJO 49N50W. 

New NAT Track design – Westbound

A westbound NAT Track used to run 50W – Oceanic Exit Point – Landfall, for example54N50W CARPE REDBY NAR123A. From 29MAY, there will be a 50W point and a dedicated Oceanic Exit Point, then straight into either FPL route or a NAR. Example, 53N50W RIKAL NAR302D.

New Oceanic Entry Points

With the removal of the Fish Points, and other long-known waypoints, a completely new list of Oceanic Entry Points (OEP’s) has been created by Gander. They start at AVPUT in the far north and run down to SUPRY. On our Planning Chart, they are highlighted in yellow.

Changed Blue Spruce Routes

The southern Blue Spruce Routes (for reduced Nav capability) now run as follows:


More information

  • Refer to Nav Canada AIC 20/14 for the full list, and for complete information about the change.
  • Get a copy of our North Atlantic Planning Chart

Monday Briefing: Atlantic changes, Thai Coup

Big changes on the North Atlantic 26MAY The famous ‘Fish Points’ in the Gander OCA will be largely removed this week as the Domestic/Oceanic boundary shifts eastwards. More below.

Thai Coup Restrictions 26MAY Curfew continues to be in force 2200-0500 daily in Thailand. All Airports operating normally, travel to/from Airport during curfew hours requires travel documents.

AGGH/Honiara Due to recent civil disturbances following disastrous flooding in Honiara and general unrest, operators are advised to avoid overnight stops at this location. Consider overnighting at NVVV/Port Vila.

WIHH/Halim (Jakarta) is closed 1500-2200Z daily until 24JUL due to runway repairs.

YSNF/Norfolk Island JET A1 fuel supplies were expected to return to normal on 24MAY after being unavailable due to a contamination issue. Check and confirm fuel availability prior departure.

EHAA/Amsterdam FIR From 29MAY14 the Eurocontrol IFPS Flight Planning computer will automatically check all FPL’s for 8.33KHZ equipment in the Netherlands in all IFR airspace, not just above FL195 as previously.

NZQN/Queenstown A new FBO/Corporate Jet Terminal has been newly opened for business. Known as Queenstown Corporate Jet Services, it is the only FBO currently operating at NZQN.

UMMM/Minsk 1 Airport will be closed from 31MAY 0600Z until 01JUN 1730Z. This is the downtown airport, not the larger International Minsk 2.

FEFF/Bangui has no JETA1 available until the end of June at earliest.

AYPY/Port Moresby reports an increase in the use of laser beams pointed at aircraft, exercise caution.

NFFF/Nadi FIR Airline operators/pilots intending to operate into Fiji domestic airspace or to transit the Nadi FIR should include their 24-Bit address in the field 18 for ATS surveillance purposes.

BIRK/Reykjavik Airshow on 29MAY, delays into the airport can expected from 1200-1600Z.

PKMJ/Majuro (Marshall Islands) has no fuel available from 24-28 May.

Venezuela update. An overflight permit is not required prior to airspace entry, but for any aircraft that has operated in the region in the past, it is essential to check your account status with the CAA (INAC) beforehand. Airspace entry denials for unpaid bills are now commonplace.

Monday Briefing: Kenya concerns, Serbia flooding

19MAY Operators have cancelled flights to HKMO/Mombassa amid increasing terrorist concerns in the north-east of Kenya; some have repatriated tourists mid-stay. The US Embassy is reducing staff numbers.

19MAY Catastrophic flooding in Serbia and Bosnia has led into increased aid traffic at LYBE/Belgrade and delays and parking restrictions may apply; the flooding is the worst since records began.

LYBE/Belgrade is seeing increased traffic due to aid activity as a result of flooding in the country. Delays of up to 2 hours for non-scheduled traffic possible.

LSGG/Geneva – anticipate high traffic volume and some delays due to EBACE traffic 20-22MAY. Aircraft static display is open on 22MAY.

SKCG/Cartagena, Colombia has restrictions until 28MAY requiring non-scheduled operators to seek permission at least 24H before arrival (though longer is recommended) SKBQ/Barranquilla is a sensible alternate during this period.

VYYY/Yangon, Myanmar is closed 29MAY 0730-0815Z for a live fire drill.

EGLL/London Heathrow ATC Regulation Trial continues, with a pre-tactical EGLLTC regulation of 52 aircraft per hour in place 0400-0800 daily until 31OCT.

HLLB/Benghazi, Libya closed until further notice due to security situation.

LDPL/Pula, Croatia is closed 23MAY 1600-1800Z due emergency exercise.

LIML/Milan Linate will close overnight for runway repairs between 03JUN-04JUL.

ULLI/St. Petersburg SPIEF International Economic Forum 21-24MAY. Refueling is available only on arrival and crews must be at the airport no less than two hours ahead of their departure time. Slots allocated to allow approx 10 arrivals per hour for the Forum. No overnight parking is available for unconnected flights during this period.

UKxx/Ukraine FIR’s (L’viv, Kyiv and Dnipro FIRs) Several airline reports of loss of GPS signals flying through this airspace.

Brazil has issued airport slots for World Cup 2014 on 15MAY, most are allocated already. An AVANAC domestic operating permit is required for all operators before a slot can be requested. Slot validity is 15 minutes. All pax and most crews will require a visa before arrival during World Cup operations – there is no possibility to obtain on arrival.

European Union The European Commission has adopted a new regulation that requires commercial air transport (CAT) operators from outside the European Union (EU), also known as “third-country operators” (TCOs), to obtain a single EU-wide safety authorization to fly to, from or within the EU. The registration requirement applies to CAT TCOs, who must demonstrate to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) compliance with ICAO standards. CAT operators include all airlines and charter operators. The TCO authorization is a single process for all operators flying to the 28 European Union states, EU overseas territories and the four European Free Trade Association (EFTA) states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). The authorization will be a prerequisite to operating in these states and territories. A TCO authorization is not required for operators only overflying the EU member states, EU overseas territories and the four EFTA states. All existing operators must reapply for authorization, even if they hold authorization from individual EU member states. The regulation is in effect from 26MAY and EASA recommends approval be gained within 6 months.

Turkey The previously announced Turkish e-Visa scheme, abolishing Visa on Arrival, scheduled to become effective 10APR14, has been postponed until 31DEC14. for an e-Visa.

United States The FAA’s Flight Standards Service (AFS) has created OpSpec/MSpec/LOA A153, a new and more efficient operations authorization for U.S.-registered aircraft in order to comply with early automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS-B) directives mandated by a growing number of other countries, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. The new approval is in the final stages of development and is expected to be available to operators at the end of June 2014.

Belarus A visa-free regime will be in place for the official participants of the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship and foreign tourists for the period from 25 April until 31 May 2014. An original or electronic ticket to a game of the 2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will become the basis for a visa-free entry in the territory of Belarus for tourists.


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