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Month: September 2011

Monday Briefing: Africa Hajj Operations, London Airspace restrictions

Africa: Hajj Operations underway Sep 22nd: The annual Muslim Pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, known as the Hajj, vastly increases the levels of Africa overflight traffic, as operators around the world dust off their aircraft and put them into operation on the routes to Mecca. Because the predominant Hajj flow is east-west, and the normal African traffic flow is north-south, this creates a need for increased vigilance during this time. Read more below about the Hajj Procedures, effective Sep 22.

London – Airspace Restrictions Sep 20th: The Olympic Games in 2012 will bring a variety of airspace closures and restrictions, as NATS seek to efficiently manage the additional traffic and the increased security risk. There will be two restricted zones during the primary Games period, from 14th July 2012, as well as a variety of additional slot and airport controls. More details and maps below .

HLLL/Libya FIR No fly Zone remains fully in force, despite efforts this week by Turkish Airlines to operate commercial flights between Tripoli and Istanbul. NATO have reminded all operators of the need to obtain clearance to enter the FIR, and this is only available as things stand for humanitarian or diplomatic flights.




US Restrictions

LAX/Los Angeles RWY 6L/24R CLOSED UNTIL 22Z Saturday
MDW/Midway RWY 13L/31R CLOSED UNTIL 10/28
BOS/Boston RWY 15R/33L CLSD UNTIL 11/30
CLT/Charlotte RWY 18C/36C CLSD UNTIL 11/15
DEN/Denver RWY 8/26 CLSD UNTIL 10/12

EHAM/Amsterdam Schiphol will commence a “de-bunching” trial for nighttime arrivals in October. Participating arriving aircraft will be supplied with a Planned Time of Arrival (PTA) than can be accepted or rejected; if the trial is successful a second trial will happen in November to reduce emissions.

BIRK/Reykjavik, Iceland open H24 but Take Off not permitted 2330-0700 weekdays, 2330-0800 weekends.

LTBA/Istanbul Ataturk, Turkey Flight Planning into LTBA: RNAV Stars end at TETSA, PAZAR, ERKAL, PIMAV, DEKEK, TURKO, GELBU and ENESU. The FPL route should show one of these points as the last item in the route field, for example: … UG80 BIG Y146 TURKO. The same, in reverse, applies to SID’s, in that the route should start with the waypoint at the end of the SID, eg. via VADEN – the route field would look like this: ‘VADEN UL610 …’

HKNW/Nairobi Wilson and HKJK/Kenyatta Airports and Airspace, Ground – FL200, will close on Oct 10, 17 and 20th 0800-0900Z.

DGAC/Accra ACC, Ghana have unpacked the CPDLC and ADS-C boxes. Testing the equipment, so traffic overflying is requested to logon to ‘DGAC’, and indicate ADS-C Capabilities in the Flight Plans.

Africa Hajj Procedures In effect from 22 Sept. Bulk of traffic will operate via ALGIERS, ACCRA, BRAZZAVILLE, DAKAR, JEDDAH, KANO, KHARTOUM, N’DJAMENA, NIAMEY & ROBERTS FIR’s. Airspace procedures divided into four regions, as follows:
a) West WA West West of Africa aerodromes are those located along the western part of West Africa. These include Dakar, Bamako, Banjul, Conakry, Bobo-Dioulasso, Nouakchott, FreeTown, Ouagadougou and Niamey.
b) Coast WA West Coast of Africa aerodromes are those located on the coastal regions of West Africa, namely Abidjan, Accra, Cotonou and Lagos.
c) Central WA Central West of Africa aerodromes are those located mainly in Nigeria, Chad and the northern part of Cameroun. These are Kno, Abuja, Sokoto, Kaduna, Garoua, Maiduguri and N’Djamena.
d) South West WA South West of Africa aerodromes are as follows; Libreville, Brazzaville, Doula and Bangui

Flight Planning information and Procedures are contained in AIP Supps – Hajj. For any visiting traffic operating in these regions over the next few months – expect a significant increase in traffic, monitor 126.9 carefully, squawk 2000, lights on, and bear in mind once again that normally Africa operates North-South. Hajj Seasonal Pilgrimage traffic is oriented on the East/West axis. Generally, statistics have shown that North-South traffic operates in the late evening or early morning hours, while the East-West Hajj traffic is concentrated mainly in the daylight hours. This characteristic creates a natural segregation between these two flows thus reducing the opportunity for conflict. Nevertheless, it is possible that during certain peak demand periods, aircraft using the North-South RNAV routes would have to operate at less than optimum flight levels due to the Hajj traffic.

Eurocontrol The Daily online Centra D-1 news conference for ATC and AO’s is now taking place at 1600 CET.

Nationals of the following countries require a visa to transit Spanish Airports – regardless of onward destination or stopover time: Afganistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Costa de Marfil, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, India, Iraq, Iran, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Togo and Zaire.

London Olympics – Slots All aircraft arriving or departing from the coordinated UK airports during the period 21st of July 2012 to the 15th of August 2012, inclusive and using controlled airspace will be required to have an arrival and/or departure slot.
Slots will be available to be booked with airports for non-scheduled operations during this period from the following dates:
5 September 2011: Biggin Hill, Blackbushe, Cambridge, Chalgrove, Coventry, Cranfield, Damyns Hall,Denham,Dunsfold,Duxford,Elstree,Fairoaks,Farnborough,Goodwood, Lee-on-Solent, Leicester, Lydd (London Ashford), London Oxford, Manston, Northampton, Northolt, North Weald, Old Sarum, Peterborough (Conington), Redhill, Rochester, Shoreham, Southend, Stapleford, Thruxton, White Waltham, Wycombe.
30 November 2011: Stansted, Birmingham, Luton and Bournemouth NB: Stansted, Luton and Birmingham will be open for provisional bookings from 1 September 2011.
1 February 2012: Southampton and London City At Gatwick booking for ad hoc flights will remain as per UK AIP (AD2.20 1h), i.e. not more than 10 days and preferably not less than 24hrs before the intended movement.
Heathrow is likely to declare reduced capacity at certain times during the Olympics period due to peak demand, and are unlikely to be available for ad hoc flights during this period.

How to arrange: Slot booking instructions for Operators 1. Review slot availability of the airport on-line at 2. Contact the Airport/Handling Agent as appropriate. 3. Airport uses website to obtain slots. 4. For General and Business Aviation the Airport receive back a unique slot ID for use with confirmed slots, the slot ID is entered by the operator in field 18 of the flight plan, with the prefix of RMK/ASL: i.e RMK/ASLGBXXAPVT554300
5. For operations into the airfields listed below, the flight plan must include the address EGGOLYMI: Biggin Hill, Blackbushe, Damyns Hall, Denham, Dunsfold, Duxford, Elstree, Fairoaks, Farnborough, NorthWeald, Redhill, Rochester, Stapleford, White Waltham, Wycombe Air Park (Booker). Submitting a flight plan without a valid slot ID will ultimately result in the flight plan being cancelled on the day. Full info at

Monday Briefing: Libya FIR, South America RNP5

Libya FIR: No quick change Sep 17th: NATO confirmed this week that despite the recent events on the ground in Libya, there will be no immediate change to the current arrangements in the Libya FIR. In discussions with NATO’s Strategic Operations Center, we have been advised that the No Fly Zone (NFZ) remains in place and commercial operations into Libya are exceptionally limited. As the situation permits, more diplomatic and economic related flights may be added to the existing list of approved Humanitarian Flights.

South America – RNP 5 airways Sep 17th: On October 20th, a number of South American countries will implement RNP5 routes across their airspace. A number of new procedures and requirements are introduced, and national AIC’s should be consulted for the most relevant information. Among others, Chile will introduce RNP5 in Antofagasta, Santiago, Puerto Montt,and Punta Arenas FIRs, and Colombia will do the same in Bogota and Barranquilla FIRs.

US Restrictions

MDW/Midway RWY 31C/13C CLOSED UNTIL 9/19
LGA/La Guardia RWY 4/22 CLOSED 17/04Z-18/00Z
BOS/Boston RWY 15R/33L CLSD UNTIL 11/30
CLT/Charlotte RWY 18C/36C CLSD UNTIL 11/15
DEN/Denver RWY 8/26 CLSD UNTIL 10/12

NEW YORK area on September 19-21 2011, due to the United Nations General Assembly. NOTAM 1/0652 covers the restrictions to the New York City area.
GA operations are prohibited at the following airports during the specified times.
LGA from 1645 local (2045z) on September 19, 2011 until 2200 local (22/0200z) on September 21, 2011.
JFK from 1630 local (2030z) until 1730 local (2130z) on September 19, 2011.

SAEF/Ezeiza Radar, Argentina The Ezeiza Control Area has been divided into two sectors – North and South, with associated new frequencies and procedures.

SCxx/Chile FIRs Introduction of RNAV 5 routes on October 20th will occur in Antofagasta, Santiago, Puerto Montt, and Punta Arenas FIRs. Aircraft unable to meet the specidfication, put RMK/NONRNAV5 in Field 18 of the ATC plan, and use phraseology “Negative RNAV”. For enroute failure: “Unable RNAV due equipment”. Chile also recognises these exemption/special treatment codes: STATE, HUM, SAR, MAINT, DELIVERY as RMK/’s.

SKxx/Colombia FIRs RNAV 5 routes also being introduced in Colombia – SKED and SKEC FIR’s on Oct 20th.

EPWA/Warsaw, Poland WIP until Sept 26th causing delays, Rway 15/33 closed intermittently, see Notams.

LGGG/Athens FIR, Greece Major weekend disruption continues due to ATC staffing issues. Delays running as high as three – four hours at peak.

LTAA/Ankara FIR, Turkey LTAI, LTFY, LTBA all subject to moderate delays this weekend and coming week due to ATC arrival regulation.

OBBB/Bahrain FIR New list of required routings within the Bahrain FIR published in AIP Supp 07/11

NZZO/Auckland Oceanic FIR Met Data – change to procedure. Put simply, if you make a report on HF, no need to send a met report. If you are doing it via CPDLC, send it (at designated MET reporting points).

NZNS/Nelson, New Zealand Aircraft parking space is very limited and must be requested at least 2 days in advance from the NAL airport company. Tel +64 3 547 3199 or email Auckland (NZAA) has a similar situation due to the Rugby World Cup – GA/Business Aviation operations must be planned will in advance and may not be approved for peak times or days until end Oct 2011.

YPPH/Perth, Australia Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) meeting 28-30 Oct 2011. Major event affecting all airspace SFC-FL600 and ops within 90nm of Perth Airport. Special ADIZ activated 26-31 Oct. Pay close attention to Notams closer to activity date.

OPKR/ Karachi FIR, Pakistan Radar services not avail within 200nm of Karachi Sept 20th (0430-0530) due to maint. Procedural control in effect.

UHMA/Anadyr, Russia ILS Rwy 19 is withdrawn from service until 18 Oct, to repair lighting on Rwy 01. Available with 1 hour Prior Notice.

VOxx/India Various changes to airspace structure in India occured in early August, affecting Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai FIRs. Multiple boundary and entry point changes.

ZYSH/Shenyang ACC, China WGS-84 has been implemented in the Guanzhou FIR, Wuhan FIR and Sanya FIRs. A new enroute chart was published on August 15th. See for more details.

EGCC/Manchester, UK Recent reports of false LOC captures onto Rwy23R when approaching from the North and South, caution.

LFMN/Nice, France Operating at reduced capacity due to closure of Runway 04L/22R until 24 Sept. Tactical regulation anticipated with occasional arrival delays at peak times.
Central America – COCESNA, the centralised ATC agency for Central America, which incorporates the states of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, has revised the structure of its Navigation fees; heavy category aircraft are now 77T and above, and will pay 0.60 USD per nm flown. A CENAMER Notification should be made prior to airspace entry.

Caribbean CARICOM API Trinidad and Tobago have issued a reminder that Advance Passenger Information (API) data must be sent in a timely fashion by aircraft operators. Advance Passenger Information (API) is data provided to the Joint Regional Communications Centre (JRCC) in Barbados prior to the arrival and departure of an aircraft or vessel at each port of entry in participating Member States. The participating states in CARICOM are: 1. Antigua and Barbuda, 2. Barbados, 3. Dominica, 4. Grenada, 5. Guyana, 6. Jamaica, 7. St. Kitts and Nevis, 8. St. Lucia, 9. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 10. Trinidad and Tobago. Commercial Air Carriers are expected to transmit the data 15 minutes after departure. Private aircraft should transmit the data 30 minutes before departure.

El Salvador (MSLP) ‘Regional Flights’ are no longer permitted. All international flights must arrive through MSLP or Ilopango/MSSS, and present a domestic flight plan in the AIS/ARO Office.

Iraq CAA has requested carriers to note the following: 1. File ICAO standard FPL minimum 1 hour prior departure. 2. At ORBI/Baghdad Int’l, there is a new briefing office in the Ops Room, airside in terminal. 3. For overflight permits, use new ICAA form 7.1
Iraq has also published a comprehensive list of banned air carriers and countries which are subject to additional safety assessment, available from the CAA.

Will deploy CFMU version 15.5 in late Sept/early Oct. IFPUV (Flight Plan Validation System) will be unavailable 2130-2330Z on 03 Oct.

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