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Month: July 2011

Monday Briefing: Adriatic Airports, Ramadan

Popularity exceeds supply at Adriatic Airports July 26th: Parking space continues to be a major issue for many Airports along the Adriatic coastline – Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro. Flights intending to remain on the ground through any Saturday in Summer should request well in advance, and even then stays are not guaranteed. Worst affected are LYTV/Tivat, LDSP/Split, LIPZ/Venice, and LDDU/Dubrovnik.

Ramadan starts August 1st July 26th: The first day of Ramadan has been confirmed as August 1st, and will last until August 29th. During this period, allow extra time for operations in Muslim countries. For permit applications, avoid, if possible, schedule changes and last minute applications. For flight and ground operations, expect a slower pace of work and consquently higher potential for delays.

Lxx/Zambia From July 1st, IATA is now responsible for collecting all Airport Charges on behalf of the National Airports Corp of Zambia (NACL) – billing through IATA Geneva/GVAGIXB.

FQBE/Beira FIR, Mozambique HF power reduced on AFI freq’s 5493, 5634, 6586, meaning more limited range to be expected.

SEGU/Guayquil, Equador Airport Closed for Runway Maint Daily 0530-1030Z 26-30 July

UHPU/Ust-Khayruzovo FIR will have no radar control available 28-30 July due to maint.

ULMM/Murmansk FIR Additional levels available to westbound traffic with effect 22 July – on R360, FL10,100M and FL11,100M now avail daily 0700-1300Z westbound.

EHAM/Amsterdam A new Business Aviation terminal will open for operations in early August. Located at SPL East, it is operated by Aviapartner.

LGGG/Greece FIR Athens ATC staffing problems continue with large delays forecast across the FIR for evening periods this week.

USA – DEN-RWY 17L/35R CLSD UNTIL 08/01/11, LAS-RWY 01L/19R CLSD UNTIL 08/14/11, BOS-RWY 15R/33L CLSD UNTIL 10/01/11

Monday Briefing: Ethiopian airspace concern, South Sudan

Ethiopian Airspace concern July 1st: Addis Ababa ACC has issued a number of NOTAMs this week in an effort to reduce the number of conflicts in their airspace. Exercise caution at MANAD and PARIM due poor coordination with adjacent ACCs, and note that airway UA451 is withdrawn with immediate effect.

A new country: South Sudan July 9th: The Republic of South Sudan will become an independent country, with a capital city of Juba. The CAA in Khartoum has confirmed that existing arrangements for Overflight permits will remain in place, in the interim. Landing permits will be available through the new government in Juba. No airspace changes are anticipated initially, with Khartoum ACC retaining responsibility.

VABB/Mumbai Changing to new radar system since July 3rd, some software issues causing occasional delays.

EFHK/Helsinki Combination of Runway works and ATC capacity mean a 30% capacity reduction until July 17th.

KBOS/Boston RWY 15R/33L CLSD UNTIL 10/01/11

KLAS/Las Vegas RWY 01L/19R CLSD UNTIL 08/14/11

HAAA/Addis FIR Ethiopia Airways W16-20 are now restricted to traffic landing at Bahirdar and Mekele only. International overflights should not use these routes.

HUEN/Entebbe is upgrading their ILS between July 18 – 25th – therefore unavailable in this period.

OOMS/Muscat ACC – Re-Sectorisation Trials taking place WEF 03 July until end of August, affecting traffic via RASKI, PARAR, TOTOX and REXOD. No delay impact.

LTAA/Ankara FIR, Turkey Frequency problems in the South East sector are ongoing, meaning a capacity reduction of around 25-50%. If possible, reroute via Iran – KUGOS-TBN-ARI-AGINA

FAJS/Johannesburg FIR 4 new AORRA (Atlantic Ocean Random Routing Area) gates established on the border with Windhoek FIR wef 02 June – NEVEP, ETUDU, ANTEP and DULGO. All traffic entering the area must route via an AORRA gate.

Permit News: Cuba Permit requirements

– Minimum 3 working days advance notice of flight intending to cross Cuba

Data needed:

– Operator name and address
– Departure and Destination airports, and times
– Aircraft type, and registration
– Please note no requirement for airspace entry points/times, pilots licenses/medicals, C of A/R, or other documentation.

Your permit number will be sent to you by via email by return and should be inserted in Field 18 (RMK/) of your ATC flight plan, for example:


The permit can be ordered online here.

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