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We monitor the world’s airspace and airports for International Flight Operations risks and changes that affect pilots, dispatchers, and aircraft operators. We publish a weekly Operations Bulletin to 40,000 readers. We produce charts, guides, an Airports database,  and Country lowdowns. We keep SafeAirspace.net updated with Overflight Risk information. We manage OpsGroup, a community of 4000+ International Ops specialists. You should join. You can reach us at team@fsbureau.org.

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Why are we still flying airline passengers over war zones?

Here’s the level of inconsistency we’ve reached in international air transport: we take each passenger, scrutinize their booking, check the no-fly-list, watch them on CCTV, pull them apart at TSA, remove anything sharper than a pen, question them, x-ray the bags, run Explosive Trace Detection tests, screen the hold baggage, background check every member of […]

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New rules at Russian airports to combat cabotage abuse

There’s a new Customs restriction in place, reported at bothULLI/St Petersburg and UUWW/Moscow Vnukovo airports. The standard block of text doing the rounds is as follows: STARTING FROM 19/09/2018, IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO CHANGE THE ROUTE IN CUSTOMS DECLARATION FOR THE DOMESTIC LEG (E.G. IF THE NEXT POINT AFTER ULLI IS LOWW, IT […]

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Milan Linate closed next summer

With planned runway and terminal constructions, LIML/Milan Linate will be closing from July 27, 2019 until October 27, 2019.  Work has already begun with Assoclearance (slot coordination) to work out summer schedules. Today, September 20, a coordination meeting will take place to clarify the slot allocation process for S19. Following this, a September 25th meeting […]

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Hurricane Florence: Latest Airport closures and Operational impact

Latest update: 1900z, Sept 17th. Most airports have reopened, with the exception of KILM and KOAJ (see below). The National Weather Service have warned – “Florence is forecast to bring a large area of rainfall of 20-40 inches to parts of NC/SC. We cannot overstate the threat of catastrophic flooding this storm will bring!” Severe disruption […]

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US issues new guidance on Iran overflight risk

The FAA has published new guidance today on overflight risk for Iran, and the Tehran FIR (OIIX). The relationship between the US and Iran has soured in the past twelve months, since the last KICZ Notam and guidance was published. In May, when President Trump announced the withdrawal from the Nuclear deal, the Iranian parliament […]

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Paris Le Bourget – New Requirement to list parking in Flight Plan

In the recent France AIP August update a new requirement was added for all aircraft inbound to LFPB/Paris Le Bourget to list their parking position and handler on Field 18 of their flight plan. Mentioned twice in the local traffic regulations (the translation is a little iffy but you get the idea): Mandatory assistance by approved […]

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OPSGROUP featured on Al Jazeera

As a group of 4000 pilots, dispatchers, and controllers, we stand for safety ahead of commerce. Al Jazeera interviewed our founder, Mark Zee, about the current risk in Ethiopian airspace created by the ATC strike, and why we care so much about getting the truth out to our members.  

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ATC Strike over, but nine Ethiopian Air Traffic Controllers remain in jail

5th September, update: As of this morning, most controllers have returned to work. Some concessions made by ECAA. Addis ACC and TWR are again staffed with qualified controllers, so the safety situation, for now, is restored. However, 9 remain in jail. Returning controllers were forced to sign an ‘admission’ of illegal strike action in return […]

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Beijing Airport Restrictions until September 6

Beijing is hosting the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) on September 3 and 4, 2018. As a result ZBAA/Beijing Capital airport will not allow any GA/Corporate Jet operations from Thursday, August 30 until Thursday, September 6 unless you are attending the forum itself. If you are, you will require a a sponsor letter from the organizing committee to […]

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Ethiopia risking flight safety to cover up ATC strike

Ethiopian ATC on strike, no Notams, government hush up OPSGROUP alert for the  Addis Ababa FIR Airspace risk – unrated controllers, some foreign and unfamiliar Air Traffic Controllers are on strike in Ethiopia, and Ethiopia would prefer that you don’t know this. We, as OpsGroup, would prefer that you do. Ethiopia would also prefer that […]

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Malaysia’s KLIA airport shutdown is excessive

In Short: Operations at WMKK/Kuala Lumpur International Airport have been suspended from 0900L-1030L every day this week (27-31 August). This is to make way for the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) to conduct rehearsals for an aerial flypast that will be part of Malaysia’s National Day parade. As we outlined in our daily brief, WMKK/Kuala Lumpur […]

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Updated holding fuel advice for Australia

Australian traffic holding is a funny one; you can fly 16 hours directly from a place far far away, and then just before landing you get told to hold for 20 minutes – even though you have been in Australian airspace for sometimes 7 hours plus, they wait until the last few minutes to slow […]

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The diversion dilemma over London

A few months back an Air Canada A330 suffered a hydraulic failure as it started it’s Atlantic crossing from France to Canada. The crew decided to turn back and wanted to divert to EGLL/London Heathrow – this was denied. Since then, other reports have been received of other aircraft requesting similar non-emergency diversions over the UK […]

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Hurricane in the fast Lane for Hawaii

Overnight, the brewing tropical cyclone in the Pacific was upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane, and is anticipated to be a Category 5 when it reaches Hawaii. Hurricane “Lane” is only the sixth recorded Category 5 hurricane in this part of the Pacific Ocean, and the National Weather Service is predicting that this storm is […]

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Don’t alpaca your bags for Lima – tech stops forbidden!

For 10 years SPJC/Lima’s Jorge Chavez airport has been desperately waiting for a promised US$1.5bn expansion. With the rapid growth in the airline industry in Peru over the past few years, it seems the airport authorities are starting to struggle to provide enough capacity, and they are now trying to make it as difficult as […]

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Attention Shanghai: Typhoon inbound, jets must move out

Typhoon Rumbia is expected to make landfall just south of Shanghai early on Aug 17, with gusting winds of up to 55kts. Just as before with Typhoons Ampil and Jongdari which hit Shanghai earlier this month, both Shanghai airports ZSPD/Pudong and ZSSS/Hongqiao now have restrictions in place for GA/BA flights. They are advising the following: All […]

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