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We monitor the world’s airspace and airports for International Flight Operations risks and changes that affect pilots, dispatchers, and aircraft operators. We publish a weekly Operations Bulletin to 40,000 readers. We produce charts, guides, an Airports database,  and Country lowdowns. We keep SafeAirspace.net updated with Overflight Risk information. We manage OpsGroup, a community of 4000+ International Ops specialists. You should join. You can reach us at team@fsbureau.org.

Latest News

LFMM/Marseille weekend ATC strike 26-28 May

Another French ATC strike has been announced for the LFMM/Marseille ACC, spanning the entire weekend 26-28 May. Key points: – It’s just the the controllers of the LFMM/Marseille ACC en-route airspace above FL145 who are on strike. Regulations are in place for Saturday and Sunay due to the extra traffic avoiding the LFMM Upper Airspace. The […]

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New CPDLC procedure on the NAT

There’ll soon be a new CPDLC procedure on the NAT, designed to prevent pilots from acting on any old CPDLC messages that might have been delayed in the network. ICAO have published a new Bulletin for all the NAT Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP’s) to use as a basis for implementing this new procedure. They recommend […]

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French ATC strike 22 May – this one’s looking bad

Impact from todays ATC French strike is looking worse than usual. As things stand at 0600Z, there are a total of 400,000 delay minutes attributed to ATC Industrial Action in the ATC system for Europe,  an average of 20 minutes for every flight in Europe. That average is calculated for all 22,000 aircraft that will […]

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NAT Circle of Entry 2018

For the latest changes and updates on the North Atlantic, including our most recent Guides and Charts, use our NAT reference page at flightservicebureau.org/NAT. Updated May 22, 2018: Added a centre circle for the PBCS Tracks, updated entry requirements for the NAT Tracks Confused and overwhelmed with the changes on the North Atlantic of late? […]

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New International Operations Daily Brief from FSB

Flight Service Bureau is now publishing a Daily Brief for the 4000+ airlines, pilots, operators, and dispatchers who are OpsGroup members. Every morning, FSB provides the latest updates across 18 categories – including Airport, Runway, Fuel, Airspace, Procedures, Delays, Risk, Hazard, Severe Wx, Costs, Strikes, and Events – direct to OpsGroup members by email. To receive […]

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Russian bombers intercepted off Alaskan coast (again)

Reports this week of two Tu-95 Russian bombers being intercepted by US F22 fighters off the coast of Alaska. The Tu-95 bombers were flying in the Air Defense Identification Zone in the Bering Sea north of the Aleutian Islands, where they were visually identified and shadowed by the U.S. jets at 10 a.m., said Navy […]

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Bad NOTAMS = Runway overruns in Hamburg

If you’re headed to Hamburg, watch out. The runway is shortened, and the Notams are vague. Poorly written NOTAMs struck again this week in Hamburg, Germany, when an A320 and a B737 both overran Runway 05 on landing – the first by SAS on May 11  and the second by Ryanair on May 15. Runway […]

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Europe squawks 7600 on ops in the Eastern Med

As we reported last month,  Eurocontrol published a ‘Rapid Alert Notification’ on their website regarding imminent air strikes into Syria. “Due to the possible launch of air strikes into Syria with air-to-ground and / or cruise missiles within the next 72 hours, and the possibility of intermittent disruption of radio navigation equipment, due consideration needs […]

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HLLL Tripoli FIR 2018 Operational Changes – Libya

We’ll use this page for Libya updates, including HLLL/Tripoli FIR, HLLT/Tripoli Airport and HLLM/Mitiga Airport. A number of countries already have blanket warnings in place against operating to Libya, and they all say pretty much the same thing: avoid the entire country – don’t overfly the Tripoli FIR, and don’t land at any Libyan airports. […]

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FSB removes North Korea airspace warnings

Flight Service Bureau is today removing all airspace warnings regarding North Korea from our guidance to aircraft operators. Specifically: We are removing the Level 1 – Do Not Fly – warning for the Pyongyang FIR – both mainland and waters areas. We are no longer concerned about splashdown missile risk in the Sea of Japan […]

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Ramadan 2018 – country by country

In most of the world, Ramadan in 2018 is expected to begin on May 16 and end on June 14, with both dates depending on lunar sightings. Eid-al-Fitr is expected to be observed June 14-15, though the exact dates will vary by country. Across the countries which celebrate the holiday, there will be delays processing permits, slots, and other […]

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Saudi Arabia added to warning list

With a publication date of tomorrow (May 10), there is a new French AIC coming out “15/18: OVERFLIGHT OF CONFLICT ZONES“. Of note is the new addition to the list – Saudi Arabia. These French AIC’s use careful wording so as to completely avoid mentioning the specific threat for each country it includes in its list, but clearly […]

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The only airport in the world with a mandatory wind limit

A slightly skeewiff statue of Cristiano Ronaldo is the most notable thing about LPMA/Funchal Airport which, since last year, has been known as Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport. Before that, however, the airport on Madeira’s east coast was better known for hosting one of the world’s most challenging approaches and landings. The airport’s runway is often […]

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Is North Korea safe to overfly again?

Update: FSB removed North Korea warnings on May 14, 2018 A friend of mine is a grumpy flight dispatcher at a Large Canadian Airline. We have a standing agreement that when North Korea “opens up”, we are going to open the first Irish Pub in Pyongyang. We made the agreement during an inspection tour of North […]

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Italy ATC Strike announced for May 8th

All airports in Italy and all ACC’s are planning a strike for Tuesday May 8th, from 08-16Z. Overflights, and intercontinental flights (eg US arrivals) are exempt. Expect disruption on the ground at all airports all day. On strike from 11-15z: -The ACC’s: LIBB/Brindisi, LIMM/Milano and LIPP/Padova. -The airports: LIMC/Milan-Malpensa, LIEE/Cagliari, LICC/Catania, LIRA/Rome-Ciampino, LIBR/Brindisi, LICA/Lamezia Terme, LIMF/Turin […]

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Who is still flying over Syria?

We have reported recently on the complex airspace picture and dangers associated with the ongoing Syrian conflict. Most major carriers have taken the advice of numerous government agencies to avoid Syrian airspace altogether; the FAA going as far as calling on all operators flying within 200 nautical miles of the OSTT/Damascus FIR to “exercise caution”. […]

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